Ishita and Raman love story part 25 and 26 combined


Raman and Ishita love story part 25 and 26

Hi everyone thanks for the poll comment fine I will not include nagin track pleae comment the suggestion I should do to increase suspense

Scene 1
Raman and Ishita reach their room hotel
Ishita: Raman what was that girl doing with you
Raman: I don’t even know that girl
Ishita: oo yes so was she lying you told her you loved and you betrayed her
Raman: she was lying and why do you care so much
Isita: I don’t know
Raman: you feel jealous
Ishita: no way go do what ever you want
Raman: ok ill call that girl and kiss her on the cheek this time
Ishita: no way fine Im jealous your so close to that girl than me I love you so much and you fell in love with her I don’t wanna lose you I love you so much that I hate seeing you with another girl
Raman smiles
Raman: so that’s the problem
Ishita; YES
Raman: don’t worry I loved you and will always love you no matter what you’re a part of my life your way more than special to me I love you too
Ishita blushes
Raman: when our children come wait an I will get much romantic
Ishita: raman ap bi na

Scene 2
Shagun and Subbu are seen talking
Shagun: Ishita should have freaked out and left the room by now
Subbu: Ill go check a house they booked
Shagun: be careful
Subbu: im always careful don’t worry about me I am always careful
Subbu reaches Bhallas England house
Subbu sees Ishita
Subbu: hi Ishita
Ishita: heloo come in
Subbu sits
Ishita: ill get coffee
Subbu: okay before yo do what about that raman and girl thing
Ishita: o I forgived him he is such a caring husband
Subbu gets alittle jealous
Subbu: the coffee
Ishita: ill go and get it
Subbu in his mind
What this plan failed I have to go and tell shagun
Subbu leaves
Ishita comes with coffee
Ishita; o he left probably had urgent work what will I do with this coffee
Raman: I drink coffee
Ishita gives him a cup
They drink coffee while talking

Scene 3
Subbu goes to tell shagun
Subbu: Shagun
Shagun: what happened
Subbu: a big thing happened our plan failed Ishita gorgae him and theyre one agin they came much closer
Shagun: what how si this possible why did it happen what will we do know this is not good
Subbu: were gonna have to think of a new plan
Shagun: I think we have to release Sarika and get her help
Subbu; but where is she
Shagun: shes in jail iin London since she became dangerous in the other prison
Subbu: lets go then
Shagun and Subbu reach the jail
They go Sarika
Sarika: what do you want why are you here
Shagun I need you to help us destroy Raman and Ishita relation so I can get Raman whle this person get Ishita \
Sarika: you don’t have to say person I know hes Subbu Ishita has told me about him
Shagun: well get you out of here if you do exactly what we say
Sarika: fine
Subbu gives the bail paper
Sarika gets free
Sarika: I will help you know but no more point should come on me
Shagun: don’t worry about it no one will know

Precap: Ishita to see Shagun in England and get shocked and finds something not right

Writer request: suggest something new and unique
Spoiler: Ishita to see Shagun and follow her she gets shocked seeing her going to meet Sarika

Any suggestions and please comment your thoughts its short because im busy

Credit to: AHT

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    Plz do increase their hot romance.. it wud b superb cuz their Jodi is so hot.. Plz plz plz plz romance wud b superb lyk a holi in london

  4. Good.add cute ishra scene

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