Ishita and Raman love story part 22 23 and 24 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 22, 23 and 24 combined
Hi everyone I have free time so I am posting 3 parts at once thanks for the positive feedback Please comment your thoughts and leave suggestions to
Scene 1
Subbu and Shagun are seen talking
Shagun: who do you think it is
Subbu: Dr.manoj
Shagun: incorrect now you have to listen to me and do what I say
Subbu: fine but tell me who it is
Shagun: It is the one and only it is not amma and nor the iyers
Subbu; stop fooling around
Shagun: fine person come in
Person comes and removes the cloth
Subbu gets shocked
Subbu: Mihir
Mihir yes its mihir shagun brother
Mihir: I will take shagun revenge
Shagun: we will separate Ishita and raman and then you take Ishita and I take raman
Mihir: I forgot to tell you both Ishita is gonna have twins
Subbu: what
Shagun: what
Subbu: ok now its definite we will separate them

Scene 2
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Ishita: im so happy
Raman: now get ready for responsibility
Raman turns on the music
Raman: may I take you for a dance
They dance
Tere haath mein meri haath ho plays
Then tum hi ho plays
Raman gets close to Ishita
Ishita: nope not until the baby comes
Raman: o only a few months left
Raman receives a call
Raman: what
Mrs. Bhalla: we will all go to England theyre we will do Ishita godh bharai (baby shower)
Amma: I will send out the invitations
Amma and Mrs. Bhalla get to work

Scene 3
Ishita and the family reach the airport
They land in England
Raman Ishita and the family reach a beautiful hotel
Raman goes to a meeting
1 week leap
Ishita baby shower (godh bharai)
Ishita sits on the chair
Mrs bhalla starts dancing badhai ho badhai plays
Ranveer and Ishani from Meri Ashequei tum se hi enters
They first congratulate Ishita
They both dance
The leave
Abhi and Pragya from kumkum bhagya enter
They congratulate them
Pragya: you should learn from them how to treat a wife
Abhi; fuggi shut up

Scene 4
Shagun and Subbu come to England
Shagu; its agood thing Mihir told us they were coming here now we can try t separate them
Subbu: I know right
They reach a hotel
Person at the hotel comes
Person: we have only one rom available
Shagun: what
Subbu: two beds or doubled
Person: we only have double and a couch in tha room
Subbu: well take the room
Shagun: how are we gonna manage
Subbu: don’t worry we will I will sleep on the sofa while you sleep at the bed
Shagun: you are very generous I can believe how Ishita doesn’t like you
Subbu: it’s a long story and it was all because of me
Shagun: really

Scene 5
Raman and Ishita are seen talking
Raman: few this baby shower is done well
Ishita: I know
Raman sees Ishita dizzy
Raman: did you have anything to eat
Ishita: no I didn’t eat anything
Raman orders food for her
Raman: you will eat this im not liking this careless that your not eating you should be eating a lot for our two babies
Ishita: from now I will remember that why are you giving me so many lectures
Raman: sorry but you should keep good care for your self
Raman gets the food
Raman feeds her with his hand
Tum hi ho plays
Ishita: Raman did you eat anything
Raman: ill eat latter
Ishita starts feeding him to
Raman in his mind
She is so careful of me as well
Raman: I hope our marriage last for a billion years
Raman: you take no tension now its your 5 month
Ishita: I know I just sometimes get worried
Raman: your not gonna get stressed out anymore promise me
Ishita: I promise

Scene 6
Subbu wakes up sees Shagun sleeping
Subbu: shagun wake up
Shagun thinks its mihir
Shagun: yaar let me sleep
Shagun gets up thinking mihir hugs Subbu
Subbu: what are yo doing
Shagun: oo sorry Subbu but what do you want
Subbu: its 10 young lady
Shagun: oo yes we have to think of a plan today
Shagun; what about isecurity plan we make a girl sit on raman lap and kiss him on the lip while Ishita sees this and gets shocked then they will argue soo much
Subbu: you’re a genius
Shagun: thank you Subbu
Subbu: but where are we gonna find a girl eho wil do this
Shagun: the waitress
Shagun calls the waitress
Shagun: I will pay you if you do this
Subbu tells her
Waitress: my name is Susan
Shagun: Susan will you do it
Susan: dine I will but I better get paid or ill tell this Raman everything

Scene 7
Raman goes to a hotel leaves the house
Subbu: Ishita
Ishita: Subbu what a surprise
Subbu: was just stoping by
Ishita: ok come in
Subbu: I heard Raman talking to a girl
Ishita: really
Sbbu: Raman was telling her everything is gonna be okay darling meet me at this hotel susan
Ishita: what
Subbu: lets go to the hotel and see it
Ishita: lets go im ready
Subbu: ok
Ishita and Subbu sit at an hotel cover their faces
They order two cofees
Raman enters sits in the chair
Subbu texts the waitress
Susan comes and starts going toward Raman
Ishita: who the heck is she
Susan: hi Raman
Raman: hi do I know you
Susan: ofcource you do you in college told me you love me
Raman: really
Ishita: what
Subbu is smirking
Susan: o raman darling
Susan sits on Raman lap and kisses him on the cheek
Ishita sits there being shocked
Ishita: Raman
Raman: Ishita this is not what it looks like
Ishita: so this was your meeting
Raman: no the meeting just got cancelled
Susan: this is your eife you betrayed me Raman I hate you for this
Raman: yes please leave
Susan kisses Raman one more time on the cheek and leaves
Ishita: come home with me and ill take your class
Subbu sign Shagun plan successful
Shagun and Subbu are happy
Shagun: now it will be a big drama
Subbu: it will be of course Ishita wont forgive him easily

Precap: Subbu and Shagun plan fails Ishita and Raman come much close to each other than before

Writer spoiler: im thinking of introducing a Nagin that will enter to harm Ishita borned babies I need your suggestion she will do it since mihir got her from the jungle after shagun and Subbu go to jail she will pretend to have lost her memory please comment should I do this
Spoiler: shagun and Subbu plans make Ishita and Raman closer there will be a revelation soon

Do you think I should include that Nagin track
Yes or no
Please comment for the poll and tell me if you liked the story and your suggestions

Credit to: AHT

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  1. plzz no naagin track………

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  4. No nagin track….Please

  5. Always ishita Raman romance please show something else itnay romance she to couple bhi bore ho jaye ga

  6. Always ishita Raman romance please show something else itnay romance she to couple bhi bore ho jaye ga kindly note

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  8. what is a nagin I don’t know can anyone tell me ?

    1. Alice A nagin is a snake that can turn in to anyone

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