Ishita and Raman love story part 20 and 21 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 20 and 21
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Scene 1
Subbu and Shagun are seen walking the same way
They bump into each other
Shagun: can’t you see where you’re going
Subbu: why can’t you see?
Shagun: get out of my way let me go
Subbu holds Shaguns hand and twists it and says
Nobody bosses Subbu around you got that miss
Shagun: let me go or ill scream and people will hit you
Subbu lets go off her hand
Person enters
Person: you okay
Shagun: im fine
Subbu: you
Person: o hi Subbu
Shagun: this is Subbu
Subbu: wait I have seen your pic in Ishita and ramans home
Shagun: because im shagun
Subbu: so your shagun who Ishita and raman kicked out
Shagun: yes
Subbu: how does he know you what is his name
Shagun: guess ill gie you names if you cant guess youll help me youll get Ishita and ill get Raman
Subbu agrees
Shagun: guess it could be Mrs.Bhalla, Romi, Pathak, SIMI, Vandu, Mihir, Mihika, Amma and Mr bhalla or one more name Neelu or Dr. Manoj
Shagun: ill give you 24 hours guess have fun meet me here tomorrow and tell me the name
Shagun and the person leaves Subbu is thinking

Scene 2
Ishita and Raman are seen at the doctor
Doctor: your reports are in Ishita
Raman: what are they
Doctor: more responsibility is coming your way Ishita is gonna have
Ishita and raman are full eared listening
Doctor; triplets
Ishita: what
Raman: what
Ishita and Raman are shocked
Raman looks at the report
Raman: this is Ishani report
Ishani from mere ashequi tum is hi walks in
Ishani: sorry to intercept I let my report here
Doctor: yes MS Ishani didn’t Mr. ranveer come with you
Ishani: he’s busy that’s why
Ishani takes the report and leaves
Doctor finds Ishita report
Doctor: so you will still have responsibilities since Ishita you will have twins
Ishita and Raman check the report and get happy
They go home inform the family the whole family gets happy excluding Subbu
Ishita; im soo happy
Gerua from the movie Dilwaale plays
Sharukh khan and Kajol khan
Sharukh speaks
Sharukh: is this where Mr. Raj lives
Ishita: no
Kajol: I told Sharukh to make sure we got the right address but no e doesn’t listen
Ishita and family members are happy to see them
Ishita: we all are really big fans of you guys movie
Sharukh: yes yes please watch dil waale releasing on theaters on December cinemas plz watch it
Sharukh and Kajol leave

Scene 3
Shagun and the person are taking
Person: please don’t tell the Bhalla family
Shagun: I wont I didn’t even tell Subbu if you’re a boy or girl
Person: thanks shagun I will try to do your work
Subbu is seen at his home
Subbu: who can it be
Ishita and Raman are in the room
Raman: im soo happy were gonna have twins
Ishita: I cant believe it either what do you think is gonna come
Raman: It could be two boys or two girls or a boy and girl I want two girls
Ishita: no way I want two boys
Raman: what if it’s a boy and a girl
Ishita: how are we gonna take care of them
Raman and Ishita starts imagining
Ishita gives birth
The two babies are crying
Ishita: calm down my baby calm down
Ishita picks one up
Ishita: Raman pick up the other one
Raman and Ishita console the babies
Ishita: oo god its time for diaper change
Ishita changes the first one
Ishita: bad baby don’t cry
Ishita changes the both babies diapers
Ishita and Raman come out of the imagination
Raman hugs Ishita
Ishita: I hope we have good kids
Iishita: well have 4 children in total

Scene 4
Ruhi comes to Ishita
Ruhi: Ishi ma im so happy that I will have two brother or sister younger
Ruhi hugs Ishita dil se dil ka rishta plays
Ruhi: I love you Ishita ma
Ruhi leaves
Raman eneters
Raman: I love you Ishita
Iishita: I love you too

Precap: Raman, Ishita and the family go to Srilanka then England and have fun

Ranveer Ishani to enter the story and Abhi and Pragya and many stars to come for Ishitas godbharai
Spoiler: Ishita and Raman and the family to go on a trip theyre Shagun and Subbu will come and try to separate Ishita and Raman (there will be no separation a new twist will come)
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Who do you think is the person against Bhalla family now? Please comment
Mr bhalla
Dr. Manoj

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Credit to: AHT

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