Ishita and Raman love story Part 2


Ishita and Raman love story part 2
Sarika is seen in her room
Sarika gets a call
Sarika: I will do what you want just don’t tell anyone my reality
Sarika ends the call
Sarika gets shocked to know shagun passed away

After two days after shaguns death
Ishita is seen walking like shagun
Everyone is shocked to see that
Raman: Ishita why are you walking like shagun
Ishita: o Raman my baby I love you so much I have you
Raman: Ishita what are you saying.
Ishita: I am shagun
Wind starts blowing
Ishita starts throwing things
Ishita: you all called me characterless I will not leave you I am shagun
Ishita laughs
Everyone is shocked
Ishita takes a knife and puts it around simi’s neck
Ishita: I will kill anyone who comes in my way
Prateek is seen entering
Ishita is seen getting scared she drops the knife
Prateek: Ishita stop listen stop
Ishita faints
Raman: how did you control her
Prateek: shes possessed by a spirit
Raman and everyone get shocked
Raman sits near Ishita and doesn’t believe shes possessed
Raman: your my madrassan you cant be possessed.
Raman: you cant be possessed im sure your going through a hard time accepting this
Raman cries so much
In morning Ishita wakes up
Ishita; what happened
Raman: you were like being possessed you tried to harm simmi
Raman: you tried to harm everyone
Raman: im sure you are not possessed
Ishita starts crying
Ishita: how can I do that why did I do that
Raman: calm down I know you don’t have shaguns spirit in you
Ishita looses control and acts like shagun again
Ishita: you don’t believe I have Ishitas body
Ishita: well you have to believe it
Raman: Ishita listen
Ishita; who Ishita I am shagun bhalla
Raman: you are not shagun
Ishita: you sure
Everyone is seeing this and gets shocked
Ishita: I will show you im shagun n ishitas body
Ishita puts her hand toward the lamp it breaks
Everyone gets shocked
Ishita put her hand toward simi
She falls and cant get up

She puts her hand toward raman he turns upside down
Everyone gets shocked
She puts her hand towards Amma she gets stuck to the wall
Mrs bhala: Ishita please free everyone
Ishita: im shagun
Ishita: I feel bad for you
Ishita turns her hand around everything turns normal
Ishita: im shagun now you believe me im shagun
Raman desnt say a word

Precap: Shagun calls Ishita and everyone gets shocked

Credit to: AHT

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  1. It’s good…but please don’t drag it too much…end this soon…

    1. Ok Neha this track will be way different with new twists and turns

  2. what a love story

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