Ishita and Raman love story part 18 and 19 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 18 and 19 combined
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Scene 1
Subbu is seen thing
Subbu: how to make Ishita mine yes ill do that
Subbu goes into an Imagination
Ishita is seen wearing white saree
Ishita: Raman you went from this world you left me and your baby
They place a flower on Raman picture
Subbu enters there
Subbu: Ishita its okay calm down
Ishita: who will take me my kid and Ruhi and Adi?
Subbu: if you don’t mind ill marry you take care of you and your childs
Ishita: okay for my child to be happy ill marry you
Adi and Ruhi agree as well
Subbu and Ishita get married
After 8 months a girl is borned
They name her Ruhinika
Subbu and Ishita hug
Subbu comes out of his imagination
Subbu: yes I will have Raman killed

Scene 2
Ishita and Raman are seen talking
Ishita: I want aboy like you
Raman: I want a girl like you
Ishita: NO We will have a boy
Raman: No we will have a girl
Raman and Ishita argue
Ishita: no matter what it will be the 3rd star of our eye
Raman: you know it can be twins we haven’t found that out yet
Ishita smiles
Raman: when the report comes in well find out
Raman in his mind
I hope its twins
Raman: Ishita its time for your apple and milk
Ishita: milk I hate milk
Raman: no your eating this apple and drinking milk
Ishita: fine
Raman makes Ishita eat and drink milk
Ishita: Thanks Raman for taking god care of me
Raman: in husband and wife and those are in in deep love no sorry no thank you
Ishita: what are we
Raman: were husband and wife but were deeply in love I love you
Ishita: I love you too

Scene 3
Subbu is seen talking to someone
Subbu: I want you to kill this Raman Ill give you his pic try to kill him make sure he doesn’t live
Person: im a professional I will kill Raman
Subbu gives him a picture
Person: consider your work done
Subbu: ill pay you more than you can imagine ill pay you 50,000
Person: consider your work done
Subbu leaves
Person takes the cloth off his face
Person: shagun left that house came to me crying now watch I will taken revenge by killing your husband then youll regret what you did with shagun
Person: ill make ramans accident hell die from it

Scene 4
Person tells someone to do some thing
Raman is seen driving
A car stops in front of Raman
Ramans car crashes Into it
Ishita receives a call
Ishita drops the phone
Ishita runs to the hospital
Ishita: doctor how is he
Doctor: you should thank god hes safe
Ishita: when can I meet him
Doctor: as soon as he wakes up
Ishita calls Raman
Ishita: Raman papaji has met with an accident
Raman: what
Ishita: hes fine come to the hospital
Raman: you don’t take stress hes fine its not good for our baby
Raman reaches the hospital
Raman: Ishita what did the doctor say
Iishita: he says he ok
Raman: you shouldn’t take stress calm down
Ishita: ok
Ishita: why did papaji take your car
Raman: his car broke down I took it to the mechanic so he took mine
Ishita: ok

Scene 4
Subbu finds out and calls the person
Subbu: you idiot you know that car had Raman father in it
Person: what
Subbu: Raman is okay you better do your work right or else I will tell the police you can kill anybody
Person: Don’t I will make sure Raman dies just don’t
Subbu cuts the call
Shagun is seen there
Shagun: cant you do anything right
Person: how am I suppose to know who was in the car
Shagun: you wont kill Raman hes mine ill talk to this Subbu
Person: Ishita will be his and what you want will be yours
Shagun and the person laugh

Scene 5
Raman and Ishita are at home
Raman: here eat something you haven’t had anything
Ishita: I dont feel like it
Raman: for our baby well have to eat

Precap: Shagun and Subbu meet and the persons identity we be revealed tomorrow

Writer spoiler: to freshen up the story i will take Raman and Ishita to Srilanka and England for Ramans work dont worry its not seperation

Spoiler: Shagun and Subbu to work together to separate Ishita and the person will be revealed in the next part

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