Ishita and Raman love story part 16 and 17 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 16 and 17 combined
Hi everyone please continue to comment I am following suggestions plz tell me how it is I CHANGED THE TITTLE PIC FOR NO REASON SINCE I WAS BORED OF THE LAST ONE

Scene 1
Ishita and Raman are at the doctors
Raman: doctor is my child okay
Doctor: cam down Raman
Raman: what happened doctor
Doctor: well your baby and your wife is fine
Raman: ok thank you doctor
Doctor: keep her away from stress feed her a fruit a day
Raman and Ishita listen
Doctor: and don’t romance a lot it can be risky for your baby after the baby comes out romance how much you want
Raman and Ishita blush
Ishita: thank you doctor

Scene 2
Ishita and Raman are going home
Raman: I am relieved that you and our baby are fine
Ishita: me too
Ishita: you remember the doctor don’t romance a lot
Raman: fine
Ishita: im reaching a full month of pregnancy
Ishita and Raman reach home
Subbu is there talking
Subbu: Ishita and raman heloo
Ishita: hi
Raman: heloo
Mrs bhalla: Raman what did the doctor say
Raman: don’t worry ma the doctor said Ishita and mine baby is fine
Subbu gets shocked
Subbu in his mind
Ishita si pregnant with Ramans child how can this happen Ishita could never be pregnant that’s what the doctor said
Ishita: Subbu you here
Subbu: nothing much I was going by and thought to stop by and now I wanna congratulate you and Raman for your child
Raman: thanks

Scene 3
Subbu is in his house in his room
Subbu: why did I decline Ishita in the first place?
Subbu: if I hadn’t declined her then she would have our baby
Subbu goes into his own imagination
Ishita and Subbu get married
They become intimate
Ishita: Subbu im pregnant with OUR CHILD
Subbu: really
Subbu hugs her
Subbu comes out of his imagination and sees him hugging a pillow
Subbu: no matter what Ishita you will be mine and that baby will be ours not Ramans
Subbu: I will think of a way to separate you two
Ishita and Raman are in their room
Raman: have this apple
Ishita: Raman I don’t feel like it
Raman: you remember what the doctor said now have this fruit so our baby is strong
Ishita makes a face and eats it
Raman: here your go your food
Ishita: Raman: you know I eat at the dinning table
Raman: you need rest
Ishita: I miss my Ruhi and Adi

Scene 4
Ishita and the family members are waiting for someone
Adi and Ruhi run to Ishita
First Adi hugs Ishita
Then ruhi hugs Ishita
(dil se rishta plays)
Ruhi: im soo happy I will have a younger sibling
Adi: yes were very happy
Ruhi and adi hug Ishita
Adi and Ruhi then hug the rest of the family
Its night Ishita feels pain in her leg
Ishita: ouch
Raman; what happened
Ishita: I don’t know why my leg is hurting and my head is hurting as well
Raman starts to press Ishita leg
Ishita: no what are you doing
Raman: put your leg out ill press it
Ishita: fine
Raman presses Ishita leg
Raman after that presses Ishita head
Ishita falls asleep
While raman is awake looking at her

Scene 5
Its morning
Ishita is sleeping
Raman brings her breakfast
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: let me sleep
Raman: its morning Ishita
Ishita: ok
Ishita gets up
Raman feeds her breakfast
Raman: you will rest today no worries no tension I will come back during your luch and dinner time to feed you so don’t get up at all if you need something call neelu
Ishita: okay
Raman: ok bye
Ishita: bye
Raman hugs Ishita and leaves
Ishita: he’s so overprotective about me and our baby

Precap: Subbu thinks to kill Raman Ishita enters Subbu gets shocked

Writers spoiler: combined and long parts I will post from now on every day from Monday to Sunday

Spoiler: huge twist to come no separation will happen Subbu tries to make Ishita against Raman

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Credit to: AHT

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