Ishita and Raman love story part 13 and 14 combined


Ishita and Raman love story part 13 and 14 combined
HI everybody this is combined part 13 and 14 please comment your feedback thanks for the positive feedback on my last part I will change the tittle picture soon so stay aware of this story name Ishita and Raman love story

Scene 1
Shagun is seen thinking in her room
Shagun: what to do what to do I must get rid of this Ishita before she comes to close to Raman
Shagun: idea I will take a knife while she’s not looking and stab her in the back ill do this tomorrow
Shagun laughs
Shagun: then I will make Raman close to me and win his heart and Adi and Ruhi will be back to their mom

Scene 2
Ishita and Raman are in their room
Raman sees Ishita looking outside
Raman goes to her
Raman sees it raining
Raman kisses Ishita cheek
Ishita: Raman ap bi na
Raman: Ishita my love it’s raining let’s get romantic
Ishita tries to leave Raman holds her hand
Song plays
Tere haath mein mera haath ho
Saare jannate humare saath ho
Raman pulls Ishita to him
Raman: Ishita its night no one needs you outside
Raman and Ishita have a eye look
Raman winks Ishita smiles
Raman kisses Ishita eye her neck
Raman points to his lips
Ishita: no I cant
Raman: same excuse fine ill take from you another time but ill give you one
Raman quickly pulls Ishita into a kiss
They go deeply kissing for 5 minutes
Then stop to take a breath
Raman winks
Before Ishita can say anything
Raman kisses Ishita again
This time they kiss much deeper
Raman picks Ishita up and kiss her again
Raman puts Ishita on the bed
Raman goes to top of Ishita kisses her soo much
Raman gets intimate

Scene 3
Ishita wakes up its 4:00 am
Ishita is about to set an alarm
Raman pulls her
Ishita falls on him
Raman holds her hand
Song plays
Tu hai meri zindagi
Raman: no need for an alarm you have me im your alarm ill kiss you when its yor time to wake up
Ishita blushes
Raman: before something happens let me kiss you
Ishita; enough Raman
Raman: but your mine baby I love you to pieces
Ishita: I love you too but this is enough romance
Raman without letting Ishita say another word kisses her
They go into a much deeper deeper kiss
After 2 minutes they take a breath
Raman kisses Ishita again
This time the kiss is for 10 minutes

Scene 3
Raman sits next to Ishita in the breakfast table
Raman holds Ishita hand under the table
Mrs> Bhalla : everyone eat no talking
Everyone is okay
Mr. bhalla: let people talk
Mrs bhalla and mr bhalla go into an argument
Raman at the right time kisses Ishita
When they let go
Ishita kisses him back
Raman smiles
Raman winks
Simi laughs seeing Raman wink
Simi: go do romance in your room
Everyone laughs Ishita blushes

Scene 4
Shagun is seen holding a knife
Shagun: Ishita today will be the end of your life
Shagun: once your stabbed your baby will die and so will you you wont get to close to raman I will
Shagun: poor Ishita she believed everything I said but it wasn’t the truth
Shagun smiles
Ishita is seen in the kitchen recalling her and Raman romance and smiles
Shagun enters
Shagun: Ishita can you give me that bottle behind you
Ishita turns
Shagun is about to stab her in the back
Raman: Ishita where are you
Ishita: im in the kitchen
Ishita turns and gets shocked seeing shagun about to stab her
Ishita: have you lost your brain
Ishita: I tolerated you but today you tried to kill my baby
Shagun: I would have killed you and your baby and gotten close to Raman
Raman: shagun
Shagun is shocked
Raman slaps shagun so hard she falls
Shagun: she took kids I was fine but you I love you Raman
Raman: I hate you I love Ishita to prove it ill kis her right infront of you
Raman kisses Ishita
Shagun gets angeyy
Shagun tries to choke her
Raman pulls her away and drags her and throws her out
Raman: get out
Shagun: ill return when I do you wont like it
Raman closes the door
Shagun goes somewhere

Scene 5
Raman: Ishita
Ishita; Raman
Ishita hugs Raman
Raman: if something had happened to you I would die
Ishita: Raman be positive
Raman is about to kiss Ishita

Precap: Subbu enters Ishita gets shocked to see him and Raman ishitas romance doubles

Writers Spoiler: god news I will post two combined parts everyday

Story spoiler: Subbu to enter bring many twist Ishita and Raman romance doubles

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Credit to: AHT

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