Ishita and Raman love story part 10


Ishita and Raman love story part 10
Scene 1
Shagun is seen thinking
Shagun to herself
What to do how can I get rid of this Ishita idea ill feed poison to Ishita

Shagun goes out of her room
Ishita goes to get water
Shagun: you need water I’ll get it for you
Shagun goes to get water add poisons
Shagun: here you go
Ishita sis about to drink the water
The glass drops
Ishita smells something
Ishita: why does it smell like poison
Shagun: I don’t know
Ishita: Neelu clean this
Neelu starts cleaning

Scene 2
Ishita enters the room
Raman: Ishita my darling
Ishita: Raman ap be na
Raman puts his hands out
Ishita hugs Raman
Raman: I always said ill say it again I love you a lot
Ishita: I love you too
Raman gets close to Ishita
Raman kisses Ishita
Ishita smiles and tries to leave but raman doesn’t leave her
Raman: where are you going im not done with you
Ishita: im going to the kitchen
Raman kisses Ishita
Raman: cant I have you for a day
Ishita smiles
Raman: its 11 pm so you wills stay in here your mine for the night baby
Ishita blushes
Raman picks Ishita up and kisses her
Raman becomes intimate with Ishita and Ishita doesn’t mind it
Ishita wakes up and sees Raman sleeping
Ishita starts to go
Raman pulls her and she falls on him
Ishita and Raman have an eyestare
Ishita: its morning let me go
Raman: on one condition
Raman points to his lips
Ishita smiles and tries to go
Raman: I wont let you go until
Ishita kisses Raman
Raman: you made my day madrassan
Ishita: now let me go
Raman: fine
Ishita leaves while Raman smiles

Scene 3
SIMI is seen in the kitchen
Simi: theyre was a lot of noise coming from your room
Ishita smiles
Ishita: lets get to work
Simi: ok lets work no talking about romance
Ishita blushes
Ishita goes to tell raman to hurry up
Ishita enters the room
Ishita: raman come on hurry up
Raman: how much would you rate my romantic mode
Ishita: 10 out of 10
Raman smiles
Ishita lets go

Precap: Shagun plans something Ishita and Ramans romance continues

Spoiler: Romance scenes will be a ton now

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Great aht….your part is very good…and ishra scenes are super duper…dear your spoiler is just like an energy drink for me…keep it up…

  2. Nice episode

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