Ishita and Raman love story Part 1


this story will continue if receive strong positive feedback
this story will be ghost track but will have romance love and mustery solved

Raman and Ishita’s love story part 1

Raman enters his room holding a rose
Raman: Madrassan
Ishita; what raman
Raman; I love you her you go rose for your beauty
On the other side you see shagun
Shagun; I will destroy your family ishita bhalla you will die
Ashok: shagun
Shagun: ashok
Shagun smiles
S: I will kill those bhallas
A: yes shagun you will kill those bhallas and destroy them
Ruhi enters in ishita room
R: ishi ma
I: what happened beta
R; ishi im scared that you will leave me
I: I promise I won’t leave this house nor you
Shagun tals to ashok
S; so whats the plan
A: full make one there is a person in the bhalla family helping me
S: who is that?
A: I’m not telling you if you want to live you’ll destroy their family
S: I will destroy their family
Ashok leaves

Shagun calls ishita
S; heloo ishita
Ishita; shagun why did you call me
S: can you meet me
S: in the icecream café I need to talk to you
Ishita ends the call
I: what is with this shagun I will not levae her for trying break me and raman apart
In the café ishita arrives
I: why did you call me here shagun
S: ashok came to my house yesterday he wasnts me to destroy your family AND HE SAID THERE IS A PEROSN HELPING HIM FROM THE BHALLA HOUSE
I: what
I starts crying
I: who can it be who can betray us
I: we have to make a plan to catch that person
S; but what
I ; youll pretend to die ill act like being possessed by your ghost
S: are you sure
I : I can do anything to protect my family from evil people
S: ok

Ishita comes home goes to her room
I: god give me power to do this I loe this family I can’t do this
Ishita reflection strts talking
Ishita reflection: to save raman and your family you have to do this
Ishita starts to cry
Ishita reflection: come on be strong get up and fight ishita you can’t give up.
Ishita: I will
Ishita reflection disappears
Shagun comes to the bhalla house
R: what happened shagun is everything ok and how is ishita and my baby
S; theyre fine
Ishita comes hears this and pretends to be shocked
I: what how could you raman
The whole family gets shocked
Mrs bhalla: its not ramans fault its this characterless women who did this
S: listen
Mrs bhalla : get out of my house you ugly person
S: I thought I was helping you now I won’t give this baby to ishita and ruhi and adi will come to me I will comit suicide youll see ms ishita bhalla
S leaves but drops a letter that says

Dear ishita
Im going far away from you im going to jump off the roof from the top of your house
Bye ishita youll never get your baby hahahahah
From shagun last time

I: we have to save shagun
I; ill go on the roof to talk to her
I : shagun what are you doing
S: don’t come near me
Shagun dumps
Raman gets shocked
They reach down and see shagun dead
Acp abishek takes her body from there

Precap: sarika is seen calling ashok

Credit to: AHT

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