Ishita and Raman love story new fanfiction part 2


Ishita and Raman love story new fanfiction part 2
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Mrs. Bhalla is shown worrying
Mr. BHalla: what happened why are you so worried
Mrs. Bhalla: ts just Raman and ishita
Simmi: we should do something
RUhi: even I want my ishima and papa together
Adi: we should do something
Mrs. BHalla: tomorros is their wedding anniversary
Adi: lets plan something
Mr. Bhalla: you do have an idea we can plan a party
Ruhi: Party preparations have to be a secret though from ma and papa
Adi and Ruhi are in their room
Adi: tomorrow its been that time when SHagun mama left us but we got Ishi ma
Ruhi: I know

Raman in his room
Raman: tomorrow is our anniversary this madrassan wont remeber ill buy her a gift
Ishita comes
Ishita: what
Raman: nothing
IShita slips and falls
Raman laughs
Ishita; I cant get up
IShita screams in pain
Raman gets up and picks ishita up and caries her
Hamari Aduri Kahani pays

The bhalla family are busy with their preparations
Ishita is packing her gift
Raman comes and she hides it
Raman also hides his gift for her
Ishita goes
Raman suddenly remembers today something happened
Shagun: I dont want this Ruhi im leaving
Adi: mama
Raman: SHagun yu cant leave me
SHagun: I love ashok you get lost youll get divorce letter soon
Shagun leaves and then gets betrayed by Ashok
Few years later
SHagun returns and sees a wedding
SHagun asks neelu
Neelu: its Raman and ishita wedding
SHaun goes
Ruhi and Adi turn and leave
SHagun: I wil get you Raman and leaves
Flashback ends
RAman: This madrassan i might hate but she filled my life with happiness

In afternoon
Ruhi gets a makeup person and gets ishiat makeup done
Ishit: why si this Ruhi
Ruhi: o ishima just deal with it
Ishita gets ready ina blue gown while Raman wears a special jeans and shirt
They both come down
The lights turn on
THe family wishes them
Ishita Raman touch elders feat

ROmi; EVeyone today we will have a contest pf couples which can dance perfectly
Eveyone claps
Romi: please welcome our judges
Romi: please give it up for Kriti Sanon and Varun dhawan
Eveyone claps
Manma EMotion JAAGE PLAYS THey come
Varun: hi our other 2 judges will be the most iconic pair of all time Shah rukh khan and Kajol

Precap Ishra dance and gifts Ishita starts to develop feelings for Raman

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