Ishita and Raman love story new fanfiction part 1


Ishita and Raman love story new fanfiction part 1
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A woman is seen walkinga and waiting
WOman: why is he so late today
Woman: then he yells at me
A little girl comes to the woman
Girl: Ishi ma
Ruhi face is shown
Ishita face is shown
RUhi: did papa come
Ishita: hes probably working late i didnt KNOW
RUhi goes to sleep
A man comes from behind
Man: o Madrassan how are you
Ishita turns
Ishita: Raman where were you
Raman face is shown
Raman: I got late due to office work
IShita smells beer
Ishita: did you drink Raman
Raman: no I didnt
Ishita: dont lie Raman I can smell it
Raman: fine yes I did you have a problem
Ishita: no I dont i dont even care
Ishita leaves
Raman: Madrassan hahahqaahahah
Ishita is irritated
iSHITA: Why am I caring so much about him he can go find things himself and i married him by force or else me by this ego Raman not in a billion years
Raman falls and gets hurt
Ishita runs to him
IShita: Ramana re you okay
IShita sees blood
Ishita does Raman aid and hugs him
RAman is stunned to see IShita gesture
Ishita gives her hand and he gets up
Yeh hai Mohabatein plays
Raman slips and THey both fall on the bed and stare
Raman kisses ishita cheek and thanks her

Precap: family members try to make ishra together

THis is short because I have an exam tomorrow so no post tomorrow

Credit to: AHT

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