Ishita and Raman love story new fanfiction intro


Ishita and Raman love story new fanfiction intro

Ishita Bhalla- wife of Raman who has hated Raman since first meet
Raman Bhalla- Husband of Ishita and hates Ishita but married her due to a reason Egotic buisness man
Ruhi Bhalla- COnsiders IShita her mother and loves her ISHITA IS HER STEP MOM
Adi BHalla- LOves Raman and Ishita due to HIs real mothers betrayal and wants ishra together
Santoshi BHALLa Mrs. Bhalla- Housewife and owner of house makes decision wants her family together
Mr. Bhalla- Business man works hard for his family

Toshi Iyer- Amma of Ishita and does work for her family in kitchen
Mr. Iyer- Father of ishita who is a head of a family
Vandu- Sister of Ishita and Mihika married to bala
MIhika- likes ACP abishek alot but scared to confess
Bala- Husband of Mr. Iyer

A woman who is waiting for her husband her husband comes and yells at her Husband; stop waiting for me
WOman: O excuse me just shutup
Husband shows anger and almost raises his hand Ishita stops his hand and threatens him to stay away
This story wil be about 2 people who hate each pther bt are married but will they come cloose and become one

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Pls update large one. It is very small

  2. Nice intro but pls make it long

  3. Nice intro

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