Ishita Raman love story and Ishita Raman ki mohabbatein

Ishita and Raman love story and Ishita Raman ki mohabbatein

Hi everyone I’m busy currently I want all the haters lovers and silent readers to comment today please do comment to let me know if my stories are ok or no

Ishita Raman love story

Ishita breaks down
Raman: Ishita
Ishita: Raman I can’t what does Shagun have that I don’t have why
Raman: we will try to change adi mind
Raman: you have to stay strong

This is just a glimpse

Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein
Shagun: Ishita I will have my revenge you’ll see
Ishita: Raman Shagun has changed I can’t believe it
Raman: yeah I know
Ishita: I’m happy
Shagun: my plan is divide and rule my name is Shagun hahahahaha

Ishra and Virika love story
Viren and jeevika romance
Engagement happens
Raman and Ishita start to come close

These are just glimpse please comment everyone to know if you like my stories or not

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Of course 3 stories are good yaar…….. Give episodes of it………..

  2. Pls go ahead with ur story AHT

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