Ishita Raman is it love? part 5


Ishita Raman Is It Love? Part 4
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Scene 1
Ishita wakes up and recalls the night
Ishita: Raman go to sleep and let me go
Raman: I have a right on you
Ishita recalls Raman getting intiamate with her
Ishita goes to get changed
Raman wakes up and gets shocked to see lip marks on him
Raman recalls the night
Raman: what have I done
Ishita comes out
Raman: ishita
Ishita: yes
Raman: Im
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar please come down
Ishita gors
Raman touches the lipstick mark on his cheek and body and kisses his hand
Raman: what am I doing is it love?
Ishita recalls the night and smile
Ishita: Is It love?
Ishita sees Raman and recalls how Raman was taking off her saree and smiles
Ishita: no I cant be in love with the person that hates me

Precap: Raman decides to stay away from ishita

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Gud episode,nyc track…but its too short ya..try to make it long next tym..

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