Ishita Raman is it love? part 3

Ishita Raman Is It love? Part 3
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Scene 1
Raman gets drunk
Raman comes to his bedroom
Raman: ishita my darling
Ishita: are you drunk
Raman: who is spreading these rumors?
Raman gets close to Ishita
Ishita moves back
Raman is about to kiss ishita
Raman gets closer and closer
Ishita slaps him
Ishita: what are you doing
Raman holds her
Raman: I have my full right on you
Raman kisses Ishita on the lips forcefully
Raman then started to kiss ishita neck then eyelid
Ishita is shocked at this and cant move or say anything
Raman picks ishita up
Raman puts ishita on the bed
Ishita tries to get up
Raman pushes her down and goes on top of her
Raman then starts to take ishita pallu off
Ishita: let me go
Raman: its just you and me today
Raman puts a blanket over them Raman forcefully had gotten consummation with ishita
Its morning
Precap: Raman tries to apologize ishita gets busy in work recalls the night

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