Ishita Raman is it love? part 2

Ishita Raman is it love? PART 2

Scene 1
Ishita is seen angry
Its morning
Raman is getting ready for office
Ishita sees a cockroach
Ishita screams
Ishita hugs Raman
Ishita: cockroach
Raman and ishita have an eye look
Ishita tries to leave but Raman doesn’t let her
Ishita: Raman let me go
Raman lets go
Raman: your scared of a cockroach hahah
Ishita gets angry and pushes Raman
Raman gets angry
Raman pushes her and Ishita holds his collar
They both fall on the bed
Raman on top of ishita
They have an eye look
Ishita sees her lipstick on Raman check
Ishita wipes it
Raman gets closer
Then much closer
He then gets more closer
Raman then moves and gets up and goes
Raman in his mind
Is It Love?
Ishita: Is It Love?

Precap: Raman drinks and gets close to ishita ishita gets shocked

This is only a weekend parts since I have too many stories
. Ishita Raman love story
. Ishita Raman ki mohabatein
. Raman and Ishita FF
. Ishra and Virika love tory
. Natik and Akshara love story from yrkkh
. Is it love ishita and Raman ( this one)

6 stories I cant do every day its too much so I have had to do this im sorry
if i have time this will be posted

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