Ishita Raman is it love? part 1

Ishita Raman is it love? Part 1
Hi everyone this story is on weekends only
Scene 1
A lady is seen walking
Ishita: Its been 2 months since our Marriage I am still ishita iyer Raman hasn’t accepted me
Ishita: why do I feel a connection is it love?
Raman is seen on the other hand
Raman: I feel a connection to that connection
Raman: is it love?

Scene 2
Ishita sees Raman awake at 9
Ishita: Raman people are trying to sleep
Raman: o shut up
Ishita: who do you think you are mr world
Raman: this is my house your only hear for Ruhia and Adi you weirdo
Ishita: mind it Raman
Raman: shut up and go to sleep I will sleep when I want
Ishita: go to hell

Precap: ishita gets scared and hugs Raman

Tell me your feedback Is it love that’s the titltle its short because I have no time and next will be long

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