Ishita Raman is it love? Intro

Ishita and Raman Is it love? Intro

The characters are the same as the current yeh hai Mohabatein please comment if you want this Tory to continue

A women is shown in her room crying
Ishita face is shown
Ishita: it’s been 2 months of our marraige and Raman hasn’t accepted me why do I feel a connection to him is it love I hate him do I

Raman on the other hand
Raman: I’m getting attracted Is it love how can it be I hate her Ishita she’s soo annoying
Ishita; Raman
Raman: what
Ishita: It’s 9 pm
Raman: this is my room and my house
Ishita: well, people sleep in this house you know
Raman: just shut up Ishita iyer madrassan
Ishita: fine

Ishita and Raman in their thoughts
Is it love

Please comment if you want this story to continue I will be trying my best let me know any suggestions or anything you have to say please comment

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