Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 9

Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 9
HI everyone thank you for commenting and people who want happy moments they will happen before Shagun entry Thanks FOR the support
Ishita is shocked to see Raman
Ishita: then who is this
Ishita removes the Sehri
Ishita: Subbu
Everyone gets shocked
Ishita: why did you do this Subbu?
Subbu: Ishita i am sorry
Ishita: why did you do this
SRK: well say this time
SRK tells them everything that he and Kajol have been spying on him
Everyone is shocked
Kajol: he loves you and hes trying to separate you from Raman
Ishita gets angry and goes to him
Iishita: Subbu
Ishita slaps Subbu
Ishita slaps him again

Ishita: I love Raman only I hate you I lost all my respect for you your no longer my friend I hate you how on earth did you think that you can take Raman place in my life Thanks to Shahrukh khan and Kajol even if we did get married I would have gotten divorced and got you arrested
Subbu is shocked by Ishita words
Ishita: please get out I hate you
Amma: Subbu get out
Ishita: get out and ever show your face
Subbu goes regretting what he did
Ishita goes to SRK and Kajol
Ishita: thank you a lot for saving me
Ishita folds her hands
Kajol: no need for it
SRK: Yes you don’t need to if you were in this place you would have done the same thing
Kajol: yes get married and live a happy life its out time to go
Amma: stay for the wedding
SRk: we would love to but we have to go
Kajol: Varun and Kriti lets go
Ishita: you all are really dilwale
SRK Kajol Varun Kriti smile and leave
Ishita and Raman get married

Ishita is seen sittingin the room
Raman comes there
Raman gifts her a necklace
Raman: this is for you my doll
Ishita: thank you
Raman and ishita smile
Raman gets close to ishita
Raman: tonight its just you and me
Ishita smiles
Ishita: I love you
Raman: I love you too
Without a chance Raman lip kisses her
Ishita after the lip kiss is done blushes
Raman then starts removing her saree pallu
Raman then kisses Ishita neck eye lid then cheek
They got intiamate
In the morning

Ishita wakes up and goes to get dressed
Ishita comes out wearing a beautiful saree with heavy jewelry
Raman sees her
Raman: you look so beautiful today
Raman pulls ishita
Ishita: let me go na I have to go downstairs
Raman: so what your my wife I fully have right on you
Ishita smiles
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar come downstairs
Ishita; mumyji is calling I have to go
Raman lets go
Ishita goes downstairs
Mrs. Bhalla: you have to make sweet today as a ritual and besides Ruhi and Adi return today
Ishita: really
Mrs. Bhalla: yes
Ishita goes in to a flash back

Ruhi and Adi come to ishita
Ruhi: ishima we cant come for the wedding but well call you ishima have fun we have a school trip so sorry
Adi: yes sorry Ishima
Ruhi: well come back ishima
Ishita hugs Ruhi and Adi

Precap: Ishita and Raman happy and romantic moments and Adi and RUHI RETURN
Spoiler: ishita and Raman to spend a quality time together Adi and Ruhi return to make the family complete but after sometime Shagun entry but after some time
Ishita: my family is complete
Mrs. Bhalla: now you have to become a shield for this house
Ishita: I will

But on th other hand We see

A lady saying
Lady: have your time Raman and ishita guess whoes coming on the 14 of February
Don’t forget to read the 14 February part
Before that date youll read cute moments between ishita raman Ruhi and adi for a few days this tory will be Family story but I will not change the tittle


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