Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 8

Ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 8
Hi everyone thanks for commenting and thanks for all of your support its short im watchinf Filmfare awards while typing this sorry
Scene 1
Subbu is thinking of a plan
Subbu: I will make Raman faint on wedding day and then I will take his place and marry ishita
Subbu: im ready tomorrow is a day get my ishita
Varun: the moment everyone is waiting for SRK and Kajol performance
Varu: theyre songs are
Dilwale , janam janam and tukur tukur
SRK and Kajol come and perform
Srk does his hand step
SRK and Kajol do tukur tukur
Varun: please judges announce the winner
Preity: as usual the winner is my favorite as well
Salman: yes it is
Both of them together
SRK and Kajol
Everyone claps

Scene 2
Wedding day
Kajol and SRK spy on Subbu
Subbu goes into raman room
SRK and Kajol are called by Rohit Shetty so they go
Subbu goes into the room
Subbu puts Ramaal on raman face
Raman faints
Subbu ties Raman hands and legs
Subbu wears the sehra and gets ready
Subbu in disguise comes in as Raman
Subbu and Ishita sit on the mandak
The rituals start
SRK and Kajol go to Raman room
They hear noise in the closet
SRK and Kajol open the closet
SRK and Kajj=ol get shocked to see Raman
Srk unities Raman
Kajol: if you’re here who Is at that mandap
SRK: lets go stop the wedding
Raman: lets go
SRK and Kajol and Raman run
SRK: stop the wedding
Kajol: this is a fraud person
Everyone is shocked
Amma: stop making a drama of my daughter marriage please
SRK: Raman come
Raman comes
Ishita gets shocked
Everyone else gets shocked

Precap: Subbu apologizes to ishita and ishita gets angry
Spoiler: A new twist to come Shagun to come and try to destroy lives

Do you want this story to continue or end
If I continue this story give me a uggestion and your name will be mentioned
M y exams are this week so it will be short

Credit to: AHT


  1. Noori

    Pls yar make some happy moments too har waqt they’re worried crying, pls spare ishra in this ff pls! They’re always in any dilemma!?

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Don’t end it yaar……plzzzzz …..its really gng nice……….I like it soooo much……………..

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