Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 7 (Rewrite)

Ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 7
Hi everyone thanks for commenting and people who ask me why am I uniting ishra by using srk Kajol its because im their fan and because SRK is king of romance
Scene 1
SRK: we have to stop Subbu because a love marriage should happen not by any force
Kajol: yeah your right Shahrukh
Amma: Shahrukh Kajol its time for a dancing for ishita and raman
SRK: coming

Kajol: lets go
SRK AND Kajol go downstair
Varun and kriti come
Varun: today is the day of enjoyment since tomorrow is the wedding so I prefer we have a couple contest the best Jodi will win
Everyone claps
Mrs. Bhalla: yes lets do it
Varun: please find your pairs
Varun: me kriti SRK AND Kajol will also participate
Everyoe claps
Varun: the judge for this contest will be
Varun: please welcome Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta comes
Preity comes
Shahrukh goes
They dance on Kal ho na ho
Everyone claps
Varun: our second Judge Salman Khan
Salman Khan comes and dances on Aj ki party meri taraf sa
Scene 2

Subbu: I have to talk to ishita
Subbu sees ishita
Subbu; ishita
Ishita: stay away from me I don’t wanna talk to you
Subbu: look ishita I was drunk and then
Ishita: so if you were drunk you can do that to a girl
Subbu: by the way who are you dancing with in the competition
Ishita: the one and only
Subbu in his mind
Please pick me and not that Raman please ishita
Ishita: Raman
Subbu gets angry
Ishita goes to Raman
Subbu: I wont let this happen why does this always happen to me
Varun: the rules are simple romantic songs then a party song
Varun: the songs have been decided by the judges
Varun: SRK KAJOL will perform on 2 songs and party one that is a surprise to them since they know how to do it
Ishita and Raman will perform on Mein ho Hero tera and chitaiya kalliyan party song wont happen because they don’t wanna do a party song
Mr and Mrs. Bhalla will perform on badhaai ho badaai ho and Kya kool hai hum party song Aj ki party merit arak sa

Vandu and Bhalla O boy your my soft toy and Manwe laage party song India waale
Varun: lets rock this contest
Ishita and Raman come first
Ishita starts doing her tumka and then Raman comes Main ho hero tera
Subbu gets much jealous
Subbu: watch what I do I hope you don’t win this contest
Ishita and Raman then do chitiyan kaliyan \
Precap: Varun: now the performance of the day will be done by SRK AND Kajol They perform
Spoiler: A big twist will be planned by Subbu he will do something shocking in this marriage
Who do you guys think will win this contest
VAarun Kriti
Mr and Mrs. Bhalla
Vandu and Balla

What do you guys think who will win this contest this time and then after this contest comes marriage where Subbu will do a major twist.

Guys please comment on who do you think will win
Ishita Raman love story will be posted next week

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  1. Waste story..hate it

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    ISHRA will win…..I think so…….Anyway, The episode is Nice…………I like it………..

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