Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 4

Ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 4
Hi everyone thanks for commenting ill be ending this tory soon since I wanna focus on my original series again ishita and Raman love story
Scene 1
Its engagement time
SRK is seen teasing Raman
Shahrukh: look after marriage youll need a lot of tips just liste to the wife don’t argue
Raman: really
Shahrukh: really I have romanced a lot of girls that’s why im known as king of Bollywood and Romance but infront of my wife I cant argue
Raman: really
Shahrukh: today is your engagement have a blast
Subbu comes
Subbu: congratulations ishita
Ishita: come Subbu this is raman
Subbu: heloo
Ishita: Raman this is Subbu
Raman: hi
Ishita: help your self to anything waiter please bring a drink for Raman
Subbu goes
Subbu adds Poison to Raman drink
Kajol sees it
Kajol hits the glass and it falls on the floor
Subbu gets angry and looks at Kajol
Subbu: cant you see are you blind lady or sorry old human lady
Kajol gets angry
Shahrukh khan slaps Subbu
Shahrukh; you don’t know how to respect a girl she is Kajol and im Shahrukh
Subbu gets shocked to know theyre movie stars
Subbu: sorry sir and mam
Kajol: go
Subbu goes
Kajol: we have to keep an eye on him he was mixing posion in Raman drink
The engagement strats

Raman and ishita exchange rings
Mrs. Bhalla: Shahrukh and Kajol please dance on Gerua
Everyone requests them
Gerua plays
Shahrukh and Kajol dance on Gerua
Shahrukh: you know what today well dance on a different song
Shahrukh starts to dance with Kajol
Yeh kaali kali ankhen from Baazigar
Shahrukh and Kajol dane
Varun Kriti then dance on Manma emotion Jaage re
Everyone claps
Then all dance on tukur tukur from dilwale
Everyone joins in
Subbu pushes Raman
Raman falls
Shahrukh notices this
Ishita; Raman you okay
Raman: Im fine
Ishita: give me your hand come
Subbu gets irritated seing them close

Precap: SRK and Kajol spy on Subbu while Raman and ishita come close
Sorry short update next will be longer

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    Its Superb………… plzzzzz update the next one soonnnnnnnnn…………………..

  2. nice update…..plz dnt end this story plz plz…we want ur both stories

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