Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 2

Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 2
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Scene 1
Ishita goes to Subbu house
Subbu; hi
Ishita: heloo
Subbu: so what been going on
Ishita: nothing was going by so I thought to invite you for my wedding its in 3 weeks
Subbu; congratulation
Ishita: thank you
Ishit gives him the wedding card and leaves
Ishita: bye see you
Ishita leaves
Subbu; I love ishita only how dare she marry this person Raman Bhalla
Subbu; ishita I wont let this marriage happen youll only marry me
Subbu looks at ishita pic in his phone
Subbu: ishita you will be mine 3 weeks ha tomorrow then should be your sangeet well see
Scene 2
Amma is seen waiting for ishita

Ishita comes
Amma: ishu don’t be this late tomorrow raman and the family comes its your sangeet
Ishita: I know Amma
Amma: tomorrow morning you have to wake up early to get dressed for sangeet
Ishita: okay amma im going to sleep
Amma: ok good night
Raman family on the other hand
Mrs. Bhalla is getting the Goodies together
Mrs. Bhalla: I hope my Raman life becomes successful
Shagun is seen walking in to the house
Shagun: Aunty how are you
Mrs.Bhalla: im fine Shagun how is YOUR husband Manoj
Shagun; hes fine I heard raman is marrying
Mrs. Bhalla: yes he is
Shagun: ill come to
Mrs. Bhalla: okay
Shagun: you need help
Mrs. Bhalla: no thank you
Shagun: okay aunty bye
Mrs. Bhalla: bye hey mata rani I hope my raman marriage goes fine if it does ill be the happiest and my raman lfe will be successful
Scene 3
Ishita in her dream
Ishita sees Raman and runs to him
Ishita and Raman hug
Then Raman starts to sing Gerua
Ishita and Raman dance on Gerua and Janam Janam from dilwale
Vandu: Ishu

Ishita: Raman let me sleep
Vandu: Ishu
Ishita wakes up
Vandu: you were dreaming about Raman weren’t you
Ishita Blushes
Vandu: comeon lets get ready its you sangeet today
On the other hand
Raman wakes up
Mrs. Bhalla gives him a suit to wear
Raman: today I will finally see my ishita again
Scene 4
Ishita is seen dressed in a heavy jewelry
Bhalla family comes
Mrs. Bhalla and Amma greet each other
Raman sits
Ishita comes down
Raman just sits and stares at ishita \
Tukur Tukur from dilwale plays

Precap: Shahrukh Khan and Kajol make their entry on Gerua making everyone excited Varun and Kriti also join in

Spoiler: Shahrukh khan and Kajol Varun Kriti entry on This story this time they will make the fun more exciting


A tune plays
Everyone looks at the door
Gerua starts playing Shahrukh and Kajol come
Then Shahrukh does his step (the bird one its my favorite as well)
Kajol goes from behind and hugs him
Everyone gets excited to see Dilwale Team
Why are the dilwale team in Bhalla house? Is the Superstar here to spice things up or are they hear to do another movie? Stay tuned to my tomorrow episode

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