Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 19

Ishita Raman Ki Mohabatein part 19
Please comment Hi everyone im returning to my regular format ishita Raman love story will be separate now Please keep on commenting

Scene 1
Ishita is seen coming to the cliff
Shagun: it is true that I changed your mas around hahah I made all your family against you now I will prove you innocent
Ishita: what do you mean
Shagun: im sorry ishita
Ishita: what
Shagun: I know I did a big mistake
Raman and the family is hidden and gets shocked
Raman goes into FB
Raman gets a text
Ishita: Raman please come to the cliff Shagun has called me there please
FB ends
Raman: so Shagun is a liar but she asks for forgiveness
Ishita: Shagun don’t apologize please
Raman: yes Don’t
Mrs. Bhalla: you stupid Shagun how dare you your illegal your terrible get lost
Shagun: enough
Shagun: you insulted me enough
Mrs. Bhalla: Dirty blood of the universe
Shagun: mumyji enough fine you want it that way
Shagun tries to push ishita off the cliff to take revenge for her insult
Ishita moves
Shagun falls
Ishita: Shagun
Mrs. Bhalla Raman and everyone get shocked
Police arrives a while later with their life squad the life squad goes and brings Shagun out
ACP Abishek: ok well have to take shagun for examination
Ishita: Mumyji why did you insult her
Mrs. Bhalla: I didn’t know shell jump off

Scene 2
A body is brought into Bhalla house
ABISHEK: Sorry Shagun has dies
Abishek: no one is under investigation
Ishita get shocked
Ruhi and Adi cry
Ishita consoles them
Ishita sees a spirit walking towards her
Ishita: Raman there is someone coming toward me
Raman: no one is
The spirit goes into ishita body
Lights flikirs
Raman: why is it soo windy
Ishita: Raman I feel dizzy
1 week after Shagun death
Ishita calls everyone
Ishita; its my birthday
Raman: no it isn’t
Amma: it isn’t your birthday
Ishita: shut up you lady
Raman: its shagun birthday not yours
Ishita smiles and laughs
Wind starts to blow
Ishita; what dd you think calling Shagun Dirty Calling Shagun Stupid idiot and shagun die what about her ghost
Ishita: I will kill this ishita and you hahahah
Ishita starts to choke herself
Ishita: Raman yur madrassan is now under my control

Precap: Ishita in the morning turns into Shgaun and throws Things shocking everyone

Pleaase coment I feel like no one is liking the story Comment anything pleae so I can know

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