Ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 18 and ishiat Raman love story part 84


Ishita Raman Ki mohabatein part 18 and Ishita Raman love story part 83
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Ishita Raman ki mohabatein
Scene 1
Abeer and Ishita are talking
Ishita: Abeer I have to tell them that I am innocent I did nothing
Abeer: we have to do something
Ishita: yes true
Ishita leaves
Abeer: I love you ishita I will help you
Ishita: Abeer
Abeer gets shocked
Ishita: I left my phone
Ishita takes her phone
Abeer: fewww
Scene 2
Shagun finds out about ishita returning
Raman: Shagun why did ishita do this thanks for taking care of the kids
Shagun: its my pleasure
Raman leaves
Shagun: I have to end Ishita life today and I also find out about abeer so he will be dead also Ishita should I throw from a cliff if you even survive this one you will be in comma or vision or hearing loss
Shagun sends a message to ishita
Shagun: If you want to save Ruhi live come to the cliff or else I will throw her off
Ishita reads the text and gets shocked
Precap: Shagun tries to push ishita off the cliff Ishita moves
Spoiler: Ishita moves Shagunfalls Ishita gets shocked Ghost track to appear Im SORRY FOR THIS TRACK

Ishita Raman love story
Scene 1
Raman: I am sorry ishita
Ishita: its been a long time for our marriage and you still don’t accept me
Raman: im sorry
Ishita: I hate you
Raman: but I love you
Ishita smiles
Raman gets close
Shagun gets angry hearing ishita Raman I love you
Shagun goes
Raman kisses ishita on the lips
Raman then gets closer
Precap: Shagun deadly plan to try to harm Koyal

Credit to: AHT

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