Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 17

Ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 17
Scene 1
Ishita is walking on the road and crying
Ishita: what can I do there is nothing
Ishita is about to get hit by a car
Someone pushes her over
Abeer: have you lost it
Ishita: thank you
Abeer: no problem
Abeer: my name is Abeer and you are
Ishita: your Abeer
Ishita: o my god its been forever since I saw you
Abeer: who are you
Ishita: im ishita remember
Abeer: ishita
Abeer hugs ishita
Abeer: I still remember we used to do that if we both didn’t get married we would marry each other
Ishita tells him everything
Abeer: ishita you can stay in my house and well think of a plan
Ishita: thanks abeer

Abeer in his mind
Ishita I love you but I will sacrafise my love for you
Ishita: what happened abeer
Abeer: nothing there is a guest room go and frehen up the maid will make breakfast
Ishita goes
Abeer: Ishita I will always love you maybe ill get you next birth I love you and will and I will help you since I can sacrafise my love since you love someone wlse

Precap: Ruhi hears about Shagun becoming their mother and argues with Raman

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