Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 15

Ishita Raman ki mohabatein part 15
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Shagun goes to the bathroom
Shagun takes off the mask
Shagun: its too hot to wear ishitas mask
Shagun comes out without wearing the mask
Raman: ishita
Shagun: in the room
Shagun sees in the mirror and gets shocked to see her own self
Shagun runs and tries to wear the mask
Raman enters the room
Shagun is done wearing the mask
Shagun: what Raman
Raman: how dare you misbehave with my mom
Shagun: she first tried to slap me that illiterate women
Raman: ishita
Raman raises his hand
Shagun stops it
Shagun: how dare you slap me youll pay a price
Raman: next time you better nt disrespect my mom even Shagun wasn’t this bad and now she changed
Raman leaves

Shagun gets happy hearing a compliment
Shagun: I have to end this ishita role in this house has to end now so I can take her place
Shagun: sorry Ruhi your my next victim
Shagun goes to Ruhi room and sees a mess
Shagun: she didn’t clan the mess time to create a drama
Shagun wakes Ruhi up and drags her
Ruhi: ishi ma your hurting me ishi ma
Shagun: shut up

Everyone come out and get shocked to see ishita dragging Ruhi
Shagun brings Ruhi and slaps her
Shagun: I told you to do your work properly but no you have no sense do I seriously have to do this again
Ruhi starts to cry
Shagun slaps her again
Shagun: enough with this fake tears

On the other hand
Ishita feels Ruhi pain
Ishita: Ruhi
Ishita gets her memory back
Ishita goes and gets a taxi to go back
Mrs. Bhalla: ive seen enough get out from this house now
Raman drags Shagun out

Precap: the real Ishita comes to the house Mrs. Bhallagets angry seeing ishita
Spoiler: Ishita to know face challenges A new entry planned
This new person will play a major role Not revealing the role yet
Leave any name suggestion you have and your feedback and the person whos name I like will be mentinioning that person name

Ishita Raman Love story will be posted tomorrow

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