Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 14

Ishita Raman ki mohababtein part 14
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Scene 1
Shagun gets a mask
Shagun; ishita is dead and now I will wear this mask and make everyone against ishita if she even survives everyone will hate her
Shagun wears the mask and now completely looks like ishita
Shagun: my voice might be problem
Shagun: what to do
Shagun: idea ill pretend to hve a sore throat
Shagun goes walking like ishita but frst wears a saree

Scene 2
Shagun comes in the house wearing ishita mask
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar
Shagun: ji mumyji
Mrs. Bhalla: what happened to your voice
Shagun: I have a sore throat
Mrs. Bhalla: okay
Mrs. Bhalla: where is Shagun
Shagun (angrily): am I your secretory that im suppose to know this
Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked by her behavior
Shagun; now if you have no question I will be going
Mrs. Bhalla: maybe shes sick she never disrespect anyone
Ruhi comes to Shagun
Mrs. Bhalla sees
Ruhi: Ishi ma I was getting a book and dropped everything
Shagun in her mind
I have to do this
Shagun (angrily); You always mess up the room
Ruhi: ishi ma are you yelling at me
Shagun (angrily) Just shut up Ruhi and go clean if that room isn’t cleaned you wont get lunch or dinner
Ruhi cries and leaves
Mrs. Bhalla gets angry
Shagun in ishita room starts to cry
Shagun: im sorry Ruhi but I have to do this
Raman comes from the back and hugs ishita
Raman: ishita my darling
Shagun pretends to get angry
Shagun: get away from me Raman
Raman gets shocked
Shagun: stay away I hate you so much right now
Mrs. Bhalla is angry
Shagun comes down
Neel drops water on sihita by mistake
Shagun: how dare you
Everyone come and get shocked by her behavior
Shagun: get lost
Amma: ishu you have no more manners
Shagun: oo please old lady
Shagun pushes Amma
Mrs. Bhalla raises her hand
Shagun; how dare you mumyji my foot I hate you yu are horrible I will break your hand
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita be in your senses
Shagun gets angry and slaps Mrs. Bhalla
Everyone gets shocked

Scene 3
On the other hand
Ishita wakes up somewhere
Ishita: heloo
Person: heloo
Shita: who am I
Person: do you remember anything

Precap: Shagun slaps Ruhi Everyone gets angry at her as in ishita

Spoiler: Shagun as in ishita to spoil ishita name Ishita will be in a big challenge
Mrs. Bhalla: get out Ishita
Shagun as in Ishita leaves
Ishita gets her memory back and comes
Mrs. Bhalla: dirty blod you returned
Ishita gets shocked
Will ishita be able to tell Shagun plan how will she do it?

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