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Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 11


Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 11
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Shagun is seen walking
Shagun: im coming Ishita Raman
Shagun is walking toward ishita house
Shagun enters the door
Shagun: Ruhi Adi where are you?
Ishita comes out and gets shocked to see Shagun
Ishita: Shagun

Shagun: ishita Bhalla
Raman and the family come out and gets shocked to see shagun
Mrs. Bhalla: you here again
Shagun: where are Ruhi and Adi
Shagun sees Ruhi and Asi and goes and hug Ruhi
Ruhi moves away
Shagun goes to Adi
Adi also moves back
Shagun; Ishita you took my child away from me
Ishita: they probably don’t want you agin in their lives
Shagun: its all your fult
Shagun goes infront of Ruhi

Shagun: Ruhi don’t you love me
RuhiL excuse me Shagun aunty
Shagun gets angry raises her hand
Ishita holds it
Ishita slaps Shagun
Ishita: don’t you dare raise your hand on Ruhi or Adi I will not let this happen
Shagun: Ishita Bhalla you will pay for this big time
Ishita: o please you talk too much stop talking and get out
Shagun: I wont leave I want my kids custody
Ishita: you left them for ashok and besides you dint want kids
Shagun: that was my bigger mistake I will take them today

Ishita: Shagun don’t force me to take a wrong step against you
Shagun: I wont leave you hear I want therir custody
Ishita holds Shagun hand and drags her out
Ishita: Shagun never return here this isn’t your house you lost these rights
Ishita closes the door on Shagun face

Shagun: Ishita I will take revenge
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar come here
Ishita goes to Mrs. Bhalla
Mrs. Bhalla: ishita putar you did a great job now ia am happy to know you’re a shield for this house im proud of you
Everyone smiles
Ishita goes to her room
Raman hugs her from behind
Raman: ishita you are great that’s why I love you
Raman: look in the mirror it looks like where made for each other
Ishita looks in the mirror and smiles

Precap: Shagun new plan
Spoiler: A new twist

I need a suggestion for shagun plan if I like the suggestion I will pt your name in th story

Credit to: AHT

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