Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 10 (Valentine day special)

Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein (Valentine special) part 10
Hi everyone its Valentine’s Day on the 14 actually by the time this story gets posted it will be valentine day I wish everyone a happy day and comment please thanks for the support
Scene 1
Adi and Ruhi come
Ruhi goes to ishita and hugs her
Ishita: Ruhi
Ruhi: Ishima I missed you so much

Ishita then hugs adi
Ishita: you both had fun at the camp
Ruhi: it was fun
Adi: yes it was awesome
Raman comes downstairs
Adi and Ruhi go and hug him
Ruhi Adi Ishita Raman talk and spend cute moments
Scene 2
A women is seen walking
Shagun face is shown
Shagun: celebrate your valentine day and then im coming to destroy your lives
Shagun: this 15 I will come and destroy your lives
Raman on the other hand

Raman; its valentine day I have to plan something for ishita
Raman gets on the phone planning
Ishita is thinking
Ishita: does Raman even remember Valentine day I have to know
Ishita: I already have a gift for him
The family on the other hand is planning a Valentine day party
Mrs. Bhalla: lets get to work
Mr. Bhalla: ok
Everyone is planning their own thing
In the evening
Raman and ishita come downstairs and get surprised to see decoration
Everyone else comes down

Raman: who did this decoration
Mrs. Bhalla: we did

Precap; Raman and ishita get intiamate valentine day and then Shagun entry
Spoiler: Ishita Raman love story to get a twist

This Is short ecause im at my cousin house so I can only post this much
Please do comment any suggestion you have

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