Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 1

Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein part 1
Hi everyone Im the writer of ishita and raman love story season 1 and 2 Ishita Raman Pyaar milega Dubara Im starting a 3rd season If you like this please comment so I can continue it please thank you
Scene 1
Amma is shown
Amma: Ishu get up already when you go to sasural o my god I wonder what will happen ishu wake up
A girl wakes up
Her eyes are shown
Ishita face is shown
Ishita: coming Amma
Ishita comes down dressed
Amma: learn to wake up early I wonder how its gonna be when yu go to sasural ishu learn to wake up early
Ishita: ok Amma I will
Amma: you say that everyday
Ishita: from tomorrow I will
Amma: you marriage is in a month when Raman family returns
Ishiat: I know
Scene 2
A women is seen making paratha
Her eyes are shown

Mrs. Bhalla: Raman comeon everyone has eaten Putar come on they have gone to their jobs
A man walks down the stairs
Raman face is shown
Raman: ma you made paratha you know I don’t eat that much oily food
Mrs. Bhalla: make some body your marriage is in a month with ishita
Raman: I know
Mrs. Bhalla: putar tell me why you chose ishita
Raman smiles
Mrs. Bhalla: is it love is it
Raman: bye ma I have to go to work
Mrs. Bhalla smiles
Raman in his car
Raman: the only reason im marrying ishita because love at first sight
Flashback happens
Ishita is seen walking on the road
Ishita was about to get hit by a car
Raman saves her
Raman: have you lost it
Ishita: no

Raman and ishita have an eye lock
Flashback ends
Raman: my mom and Amma are good friends
Raman looks in his wallet and sees ishita pic and smiles while on the other hand ishita is smiling at his picture

Precap: Subbu gets angry to know about ishita getting married and vows to not let it happen and make ishita his

Spoiler; Subbu will make twists in this story to make sure ishita and Raman don’t marry
Please comment to let me know how this story is

Credit to: AHT


  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Its really a new plot of story……I like it a lot………Eagerly waiting for your next one…………….

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