Ishita Raman Ishra Virika love stories and Ishita Raman ki mohabatein promo

Ishita and Raman Virika and ishra love stories and ishita raman ki mohabatein and Shahrukh Kajol special series promo
Hi everyone im busy unfortunately theyre wont be post until Saturday im sorry im busy I would like to thank you for the support you give me the next post you will see of 3 stories is Saturday.
Ishita and Raman love story
Ishita: Shagun
Shagun: yes
Ishita: you will stay with us from now on
Shagun: ok
Shagun in her mind
I have a perfect plan
What is Shagun new plan? Will ishita find out Shagun plan?

Ishra and Virika love story
Ishita cute fight with Raman
Virika romance blooms
Wedding preparation
A new twist to arrive
What is the new twist? Which pair is it for? Ishita Raman or Viren Jeevika

Ishita Raman ki Mohabatein
Ishita: what does Shagun have that I don’t have?
Ishita cries
Raman: Ishita stop crying please
Raman hugs ishita
Shagun: I have succeeded in entering the house now I must do something to destroy it completely
Raman: Ishita you have win Adi
What is Shagun next plan? Will Shagun get exposed? Will ishita win Adi trust?

Shahrukh Kajol Ishita Raman special parts promo
Ishita: its been 2 months and Raman hasn’t accepted me truly
Ishita: I will do what ever I have to do
Shahrukh: I will help you
Kajol: me too your love will come to you
Ishita: who are you both
Shahrukh: im raj
Kajol: im Meera
What challenges will Shahrukh Kajol face? Will this unite pairs?
*The story intro hasn’t received a lot of comments so I don’t think I am gonna post this special series* Do you think I should please comment

I will post soon as I can

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