Ishita Raman FF part 7


Ishita Raman FF part 7
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Scene 1
Raman is about to leave for US ‘
Mrs. Bhalla: your not going to get a dirty blood who betrayed us back right
Raman: ishita is not a dirty blood she didn’t betray anyone I wll get her get her back
Mrs. Bhalla: what
Raman: ill tell you when I return
Mrs. Bhalla: I wont let you go
Raman shows her the video of Ashok Confessing
Mrs. Bhalla: go Raman get our Bahu back and your wife
Ruhi and Adi get happy seeing Raman going to get ishita back
Ruhi: Bhaiya were grown
Adi: so
Ruhi: why don’t we go to USA to
Adi: I already booked us a ticked 1 week from now
Ruhi gets happy and hugs Adi
Ruhi: after ishima comes back shel get you married
Adi smiles and blushes
Ruhi; awwww
Adi leaves

Scene 2
Raman arrives in USA
Raman: where am I gonna find ishita
Raman: I will find er I will stay in this hotel until then
Raman goes to the hotel
Ishita gets down with her stuff in the hotel
Raman gets the keys
Receptionist: Ms. Ishita Bhalla has checked out they found a home
Raman: ishita was here
Receptionist: Yes why
Raman: I want that room do you have ishita phone number Im her husband
Receptionist: we have to clean the room
Raman: I want the room like that
Receptinist: Room 206
Raman goes int 206 and smells ishita clone

Precap; Raman sees ishita and asks for forgiveness

Spoiler; Ishita to yell at Raman

Credit to: AHT

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