Ishita Raman FF part 6

Ishita Raman FF part 6
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Scene 1
Raman: why did Shagun say Ashok lied I have to ask him today
Raman goes to Ashok
Raman: Ashok
AshoK; Raman come in
Raman:is it true that you broke my ishita relation
Ashok: well ishita isn’t here anymore so yes its true she tried to protect your family from me
Raman: Ashok
Raman slaps Ashok
Raman then runs to Ishita house
Raman knocks on the door
A person
Person: they left for USA a yesterday
Raman: thank you
Raman gets shattered and cries
Raman: I will find you ishita
Raman then runs back home
Raman goes on his computer
FRaman books a early ticket
Raman: im coming ishita then I will get you back even if I have to beg you
Precap: Raman goes to Usa and tries to find I S H I T A to become a I S H R A
Spoiler: A big twist to come
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