Ishita Raman FF part 5

Ishita Raman FF part 5
Scene 1
Raman is seen shocked to know he has Ranveer and Khushi
Raman: my son and daughter I will get you back from ishita yo will be mine
Raman also goes to the hospital
Ishita is about to leave with Ranveer Khushi and Shagun
Raman: ishita
Ishita gets shocked to see Raman
Ishita: Raman
Ishita: let go beta we have nothing to talk to this man

Raman: ishita I want custody
Ishita: of who
Raman: Im their father and I demand custody of Ranveer and Khushi
Raman: they don’t deserve to live with you
Ishita gets angry
Ishita slaps Raman
Ranveer and Khushi are shocked to see their father
Ishita: these are my son and daughter what happened when you kicked me out of the house now you want them ha
Raman; I will get them from you
Raman pushes ishita
Ishita falls
Shagun: ishita
Shagun goes to ishita
Raman: Ranveer and Khushi from now on you will forget your mother and come with me
Shagun: Ranveer and Khushi see how he pushed your mom don’t
Khushi: im staying with my mom
Ranveer: me too
Shagun: you know whos the culprit Ashok he did everything ishita did that ghost drama to protect you but no you didn’t listen and kicked her out Leave Raman or youll see ishita anger

Precap: Raman finds out the truth runs to meet ishita

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