Ishita Raman FF part 4

Ishita Raman FF Part 4
Hi everyone keep on commenting AD you asked me what this story is about Ad this story is about after the ghost track 15 years leap how it affects life read my part 1 through 3 and then youll know
Keep on commenting everyone and keep on reading thank you

Scene 1
Ishita and everyone return to India
Ishita and Shagun are seen in the market
Ishita: Shagun im scared of returning here if they find out about my Ranveer and Khushi
Shagun: don’t worry ishita even if they do find us itll take them time to get to us were not in the same address
Ishita: your right
Ishita is seen walking
Ranveer and Khushi pop up from the back
Ishita: you both here
Ishita: come on lets go
Ishita goes to call the auto
A car heads towards ishita
Ranveer: Mama
Khushi: mama
Shagun: Ishita
Isita gets hit and she falls
The person in the car comes out
Its Raman
Shagun: Raman
Raman gets shocked to see Shagun and Ishita
Khushi: mama
Ishita: beta meri khushi where is Ranveer my son
Ranveer: mama im here
Ranveer and Khushi get ishita up
Shagu: you okay ishita
Khushi: Shahun aunty we should take Mama to the hospital
Ranveer: yes lets take Mama to the hospital
Ishita shagun Ranveer and Koyal leave
Raman shocked to know he has 2 more kids

Precap: Raman demand Khushi and Ranveer Custody from ishita ishita slaps him

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