Ishita Raman FF part 3

Ishita Raman ff part 3
HI everyone thanks for the comment the leap was necessary to show a new message im sorry about the 15 years leap that was a final leap

Scene 1
Ishita is seen recalling and gets angry
Shagun comes in
SHgaun: ishita what happened
Ishit: im remembering my family
Shagun: those are the people who hd no belief in you it shows in your face your angry
Ishita: I know but tomorrow we have to go back to india
Shagun: don’t worry its only for 2 weeks and ell be back
Sonu comes
Sonu: Mama and Aunty come on already
Ishita wipes her tears and goes

On the other hand
Ruhi and Adi are seen missing ishita
Ruhi: today is ishi ma birthday
Adi: I know it is
Ruhi: happy birthday ishi ma
Adi: where ever you are happy birthday
Raman in his room recalls Ishita
Raman: I hate you ishita
Raman now yells
Rman: I hate you ishita
Adi: enough uncle you have nor right to say anything about my ishi ma
Adi takes the picture from Raman
Adi: you don’t deserve to have her picture here
Adi leaves
Raman: Adi
Ruhi: what uncle he did a right thing you don’t deserve to know our Ishi ma

Precap: Raman sees Ishita and gets to know Ranveer and Koyal are his son and daughter
Spoiler: Raman to demand custody Ishita to slap Raman Ranveer and Koyal to agree with ishita

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