Ishita Raman FF part 2

Ishita and Raman FF part 2
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Scene 1
Where it left off
Amma: Ishu
Ishita: please don’t touch me you have hurt me enough
Mrs. Bhalla: I am sorry ishita
Ishita: please I cant forgive you
Ishita leaves in a car
Mrs. Bhalla and Amma follow
They reach at Shagun place
Ishita goes in
Mrs. Bhalla and Amma ring the bell
Shagun opens the door
Shagun: you two what do you want
Amma: were here to ask forgiveness from Ishita
Shagun: ishita wont forgive you always doubt her im sorry
Shagun closes the door
Dr. Manoj: Ishita
Shagun tells him everything
Dr. Manoj: Ishita to prtect your daughter and son Ranveer and Koyal we have to go to sri lanka
Ishita: you are right
Ishita: Koyal Ranveer
Ranveer and Koyal come
Ishita: get ready were going to Sri Lanka
Ranveer and koyal go
Shagun: Sonu my son
Sonu comes
Sonu: yes mom
Shagun: get ready were going to sri lanka
Ishita: I cant thank you enough first you gave me koyal then I got Ranveer it’s a good thing You both after your marriage got Sonu

10 years leap
Raman is seen walking
Raman bumps into Adi
Raman: Adi my son
Adi: sorry uncle well never forget you kicking ishi ma out
Ruhi: come Adi brother don’t talk like this to uncle
Raman goes into a flashback
Adi: stop papa
Ruhi: really stop
Adi: you kicked ishi ma out well never forgive you well live in the same house but will regard you as only uncle our mother is ishita only
Ruhi; that is the fact uncle
Raman gets shocked
Flash back ends

In sri lanka
Ishita is seen calling
Ishita: koyal and Ranveer
Ranveer and koyal come out with a cake
It says happy birthday ishita
Shagun Manoj and Sonu come as well
Ishita cut the cake and recalls Raman
Ishita in her mind
Raman I have suffered even my kids had to suffer a lot I will never forgive not that easily

Precap: Ishita and all go to India again Ruhi and Adi struggles explained

Spoiler: Raman to learn about Koyal and Ranveer Ishita to slap Raman

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