Ishita Raman FF part 1

Ishita Raman part 1

Hi everyone I don’t like the track so I will continue this after the ghost track but with a difference this will have 5 years leap

Scene 1
Raman drags Ishita out
Raman: get out
Mrs. Bhalla: that is the. Truth you never cared
Am ma: I regret you were ever borned
Amma closes the door as well
Ishita starts to cry
Ishita: I’m pregnant is that too much
Shagun: I know you are lets go and live somewhere peaceful

5 years later
Ishita is walking in the market
Ishita bumps into Amma and Mrs. Bhalla
Amma: Ishu
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita I’m sorry
Ishita: ok now you believe me
Mrs, Bhalla: Ishita
Ishita: sorry don’t make me more angry I have suffered a lot
Ishita leaves
Amma: Ishu
Mrs. Bhalla: Ishita putar
Ishita goes

Precap: 10 years leap

Comment if you like this and want it to continue

Ishita Raman is it love will start this weekend

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  1. nice ff pls continue

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Its nice yaar……..But it have so many leaps…….Precap is also a leap…….

  3. Jyotika patel


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