Ishira, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 8


Ishra, Abhagya and Naagin love story
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Raman: ma what happened that day
Khushi: Ma tell
Mrs. Bhalla: fine it was all my fault I should have never tried this raman you were 8 abhi 6 khushi wasn’t borned ritik was 1 abhi was 4 there our neighbors used to live the iyer family they had ishita who was 7 arnav who was 1 shivanya wasn’t borned pragya was 3 we both iyer and Bhalla used to be friends I used to tease Amma and She used to tease me we both had fun times until one night I got tired and played a prank on her that was my biggest mistake
Khushi: what mistake
Mrs. Bhalla goes into a flashback
Mrs. Bhalla: toshi you heard there is a pandit that lives across this night he grants wishes I already got my wish granted
Amma: really
Mrs. Bhalla: but you cant tell anyone it’s a secret
Amma: ill go tonight
Mrs. Bhalla in her mind
Go and I will come behind you when you find no one there I will laugh
Amma goes after midnight
Amma is walking to the other side
There is a naagin there small black one
She turns into a girl
Girl: Naagin I am and want a sister naagin I will give poison to anyone
The girl looks like 2 years old
She senses Amma and cries
Amma sees her
Amma: what happened
Girl gives poison to Amma and she faints
Amma; toshi if I loose my child its because of you
Mrs. Bhalla calls Mr. Iyer and takes her to the hospital
Doctor; Poison is dangerous
Mr. Iyer: Santoshi why did you do this why she called you her best friend and you tried to kill her child
Mrs. Bhalla: I didn’t know the snake was gonna come
Doctor; its her delivery date
Amma screams
The baby cries Everyone sighs in relief
2 days later
Mrs.bhalla goes to apologize to Amma
Mrs.bhalla: I’m sorry Toshi
Amma: it is not okay if something happened to my daughter is wouldn’t have forgiven you
Mrs.bhalla and Amma hug
Amma sees a snake in shivanya place and screams
Everyone sees a snake and are shocked
The snake transforms to shivanya
Everyone is shocked
Mrs.bhalla leaves and moves away Amma is angry at her
Amma: you didn’t do right
Flashback ends
Abi ritik Raman khsuhi are shocked
Raman: ma it’s been 20 years
Mrs.bhalla: I know but the pain I caused her I deserved it

Raman goes outside and sees Ishida standing outside
Raman: ishita
Ishita: sir
Raman: call me just Raman
Ishita: OK Raman
Raman: i used to play with you when we were young
Ishita: it’s just to much to do handle
Raman hugs ishita
Yeh hai mohabatein plays

Abhi goes to pragya
Abhi: my mom didn’t do good I know but she regrets it
Pragya: i know I am just upset my sister is facing this
Pragya cries
Abhi: don’t cry fuggi fuggi
Pragya smiles

Khushi goes to arnav
Khushi: i actually never new this I’m sorry
Arnav: it sint your fault

Ritik goes to shivanya room
Shivanya screams
Everyone including the bhalla and iyer come there
Shivanya: Amma it’s hurting to much
Shivanya screams
Amma cries
Shivanya hands disappear all are shocked
Shivanya hard reappears
Amma: that pandit said something about this happening

A girl is seen in front of shiv idol
the wind blows
Girl: i wanted a sister and gave that woman poison
Girl: shiv Ji please let her remain a snake
Gurudev: it will never happen shesha you don’t even know who you gave poison to
Shesha face is shown
Shesha: i know but when if she picks to be a human
Gurudev: she already has or else my flute would have bought her
Shesha rampages in anger

Precap: shivanya gets to love a human since a human
Shivanya and ritik moments
Ishra become friends
Abhi and pragya concert practice
Khsuhi and arnav enjoy each other company

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Super revelation……good one….want twists in this ff….a request

  2. jasmine Rahul

    toshi played prank n madhu went there.shesha was the naagin who gave poison 2 her 2 get a naagin n so madhu gave b;th 2 a snake shivanya.oh no.its bcz of toshi that madhu went there,but it happened bcz of shesha.right?So toshi can b 4given.shesha wants shivanya 2 remain as a snake.Oh!raman hugs ishita knowing that they were childhood friends.what was ishita’s reaction?loved abhi consoling pragya.Did Ritik see Shivanyas hand’s disappearance n appearance?

  3. jasmine Rahul

    which r the other ffs u have written?plz give d links

    1. Many
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      And many more I don’t remember

  4. Good one unexpected twist waiting eagerly for the pair’s moments

  5. hey actually i must comment on this ff… nice mixing of yhm nagin kkb and arshi.. wow.. update this as much as possible and as soon as possible.. yep this is going to be one of my fav ff… woooowwww

  6. it is wonderful, waiting for next epi,post soon please

  7. its really nice….

  8. Nice yaar. … flashback gud

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