Ishira, Abhagya and Naagin love story part 3


Ishra, Abhagya, Arshi and Naagin love story part 3
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Ishita: Shivanya
Shivanya comes with Pragya
Ishita: Shivanya we have our first day of job come on
Pragya: o yeah I have to go to audition
Ishita”: good luck Pragya
Arnav comes
Arna: all my 3 sisters best of luck to you
Ishita pragya Arnav and Shivanya hug
Arnav in his mind
They dont know the ofice they’re joining im the third in charge after Raman and Ritik

Raman: Ritik Khushi
Khushi comes from the back and scares him
Raman screams
Khushi laughs
Raman: Khushi when will you grow up
Khushi: iM your little sister I have this much right
Raman: its your first day get ready
Khushi: ji im getting ready
Khushi comes ready to go

Ishita: come shivanya
Shivanya is going toward the room
Ritik is comming the same way
Shivanya bumps into Ritik
Ritik catches her
Shivanya: so sorry
Ritik: its okay are you new here im Ritim Bhalla 2nd in charge
Ishita: well this is Shivanya and im ishita were here to see Raman bhalla
Ritik: Shivanya can come with me you have to go to Raman
Ishita walks toward his office \
Ishita knocks on the door
Raman: come in
Ishita comes in and sees Raman talking to Khushi
Ishita: Khushi
Khushi turns around and gets surprised and shocked to see Ishita
Khushi goes to Ishita and they hug
Khushi: My old dearest friend how are you ah mataji how have you bean
Ishita: great
Khushi: why are you here
Ishita: I applied for a job here and got accepted
Khushi gets a phone call and leaves
Raman: Ms. Ishita right Shivanya must have went with Ritik
Raman: just remeber no answering me you are a employ and im a boss got it no doodle daddle no alot of vications and if I catch you off work you will be fired regardless that yur Khushi friend
Ishita gets shocked to see Raman ego
Ishita in her mind
O my god this person is my boss im doomed

Shivanya while going with Ritik
Shivanya in her nind
I have to make sure not to take a Naagiin avatar
Ritik: what happened
Shivanya: o nothing

Khushi is going and walks into Arnav
Khushi: Cant you see where you walk
Khushi looks up
Khushi: who are you
Arnav: Im Arnav Iyer and im 3rd in charge
Khushi: ok and im Khushi Raman sister
Arnav: but still see where you walk
Khushi and Arnav walk in seperate directions

Pragya reaches for her audition
Abhi: next
Pragya dances on Dola Re Dola re
Abhi: ok you have done alot your selected but dont think your gonna become that big
Pragya: it looks like im doomed
Abhi: yes you are

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The pages will start to flip backwards
Many history to go through
Will this affect many people?
Ishra, Abhagya Arshi and Naagin love story what will happen when the time comes

Credit to: AHT

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  1. Karthi srithi

    Nice dr i like ur ff very much

  2. really so nice dr….

  3. jasmine Rahul

    interesting.Ishita n pragya saved shivanya from d snake catcher.How come Shivanya become a snake?its suspense.Khushi is Raman Abhi’s sis n Arnav is Ishu,Pragya n shivanya’s!4 what did arnav get angry wih Shivanya?Anyways now all prob solved.pragya got selected in d audition.

    Ur name is familiar.Guess u have written a YHM ff b4.Which ffs have u written b4?

    1. I have written a lot and they have ended ishita Raman love story series of lovery I wrote many and they reached their last episode

  4. It’s going awesome n cool….loved it…

  5. very nice. plzzzzzzzzzzz update next soon

  6. arshi is one of my favourite couple. thank u for adding them. keep it up.

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