ISHIR (Part 1)

HAYY guyzz….i am a big fan of girls on top…so I am here to update a ff….
I hope u guyzz will love it…please comment and support me…
If u guyzz have some other problems with my story just say it by commenting..
THIS is the story of of three frnds isha , jia and rave..there is no change in their friendship and boyfrndzz..and there is almost everyone from from the real story and some of other character from my imagination…and their jobzz are same..

(JIA in front of ISHs room..)
JIA- Ish get up babe..its morning..
ISH- Its just morning…I wanna sleep a little longer…
JIA- how can u say that its just morning…today its u r first day at work sleeplyhead..
ISH- shitt.. I almost forget it… god its too late..
(Jia turs to call rave)
JIA- Rave get up…COME OUT….
RAVE- Jia stop screming..i am already up…
JIA- don’t lie…I know u wont.. U R SOO lazzy..
RAVE- wht!!! I am lazzy… if I get the hell out of here I am gonna kill u..
JIA- hiii.. Rave..
RAVE- wht the hell did u call me just before…
JIA- me….
RAVE- do uu think I am a deaf or I imagined that u called me lazzy??
JIA- no lazzy I didn’t call u anything…
RAVE- wht the…(they suddenly stops when they hear someone shouts)
ISH- r u guyzz babies to shout around in morning…
RAVE- u r our mother ISH.. so we are ur babies..
(Isha smilies..)

RAVE- wait a sec.. where r u going this morning..
JIA- she is going to job dude.. she is not a lazzy as u..
RAVE- r u mad jia… u r making me shout..
ISH- r u gayzz gonna argue again.. then 5n I am leaving..
JIA- hay u haven’t eaten any thing..
ISH- its ok I will eat from the canteen..
RAVE- no ish… u don’t have to eat from canteen.. I will prepare something for u…
JIA- look who is saying… do u know something other than maggy pastha??
RAVE- of cource I know.. I know to make bullzzy..
ISH- its ok I will eat from there… bye guyzz..
JIA and RAVE – bye..
(As soon as ISHA left they started to fight again..)
STRAINGER- sorry ishaa…
ISH- its ok..wait a sec how do u know my name??
(she opens her eyes slowly)
ISH- sahir…

SAHIR- ya u remember me…
ISH- of cource I do.. how can I forget u..
FLASHBACK(ISHA and sahir were in same collage before and they haven’t met eachother for 2 years ago..)
SAHIR-then how is everything going??
ISH- great..
SAHIR- why did u just stopped don’t u have anything to say to me..
ISH- not much..
SAHIR- ooo.. wht is the time??we can go to my house and talk..
ISH- hoo I forgot about it… I have to leave now..i am already late for my work…
SAHIR- ishaa calm down ok… if u again run u will dump to anyone else they wont be like me..
ISH- ok fine.. catch u later..
SAHIR- wht kind of a girl is she…(sahir thinks and laugh..)


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