Ishaqzaade Hai Hum (Part 4)


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the scene starts with in the night, Natasha is in a legging and a T-shirt. she comes downstairs with her purse in one hand. Janki sees her.

Janki : where are you going?
Natasha : I’m going to meet my friend, mom.
Janki : friends or party?
Natasha : mom, find it. I’m going to party.
Janki : cannot go.
Natasha : please, mom. my friend is going to marry so she giving a party for us.
Janki : no, Natasha. it’s not safe.
Natasha : mom, don’t worry .I’ll be safe only.
Janki : oh, how?
Natasha : because I’m going in my car only.
Janki : I can’t send…
shekar : send her, Janki. she is our daughter. she will safe herself.
Janki : then, it’s your wish.
Natasha : okay, thanks, dad.

Natasha goes. shekar goes behind. he comes to her. Natasha looks at him.

Shekar : have it, Natasha. it’s for your safe.

shekar gives a gun. Natasha looks shocked.

Natasha : what is this, dad.
shekar : it’s gun. it have license. if anyone comes to you with bad intentions safe yourself with this.
Natasha : but, dad. I do not know how to shoot.
shekar : when you takes it out they will run away so you don’t have to shoot.
Natasha : if anything happens?
shekar : don’t worry. if anything happens then I will take care.
Natasha : dad,
shekar : be brave, my girl.

they hugged each other. then Natasha starts her car and drives. while going, she sees the gun.

she gets her past life when Ragini gets her gun out. she sees it and a car comes in her side and about to hit her car. but Natasha drives her car away and stopped it. she starts to Caugh.

on the other car Kabir is in. he gets out and runs to Natasha’s car. Kabir gets herself out.

Kabir : I’m sorry. are you okay?
Natasha : yeah, I’m okay.

in the dark he didn’t see her face. a light came in their side. he sees her face.

Kabir : hey, Natasha.

Natasha sees him.

Natasha : Kabir?
Kabir : yeah. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.
Natasha : it’s okay. actually it’s my fault.
Kabir : no it’s my fault.
Natasha : no it’s mine because when I came something flashes in my mind. after that it’s all suddenly…
Kabir : hey, don’t say sorry. it’s all our fault.
Natasha : yeah.
Kabir : so where are you going?
Natasha : I’m going to a party .
Kabir : oh my god. I’m also going to a party. so how can you go?
Natasha : in my …oops I have to think about it.
Kabir : if you don’t mind. can I drop you?

Natasha thinks about his opportunity. Kabir notice it.

Kabir : don’t worry. I won’t kidnap you. trust me.

Natasha’s POV

I looked at him. I feel him, feel his heartbeat. he looks truster. I thought I he wasn’t bad. but, I have worry in my heart. if he kidnap me! what would happen? but something inside me tells to go. I cannot go against my heart. I want to tell him something. but I don’t know what I want to say. so I stands on my heart’s advice.

POV ends.

Natasha nodded her head. she goes to take her handbag. she takes the pistol and put it on her handbag. Kabir opens the car door. Natasha gets in and they goes.

Natasha : thanks for the ride.
Kabir : it’s okay.

Natasha gets out and goes into the party avenue. Kabir looks at her till she goes in and disappear. then he drives back. from there.

Precap : Kabir holds Natasha in the rain.

so guys did you like this part. I hope so. thank you for the previous precious comment. thank you again. see you. take care. bye.

Credit to: Aakshita

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