Ishaqzaade Hai Hum (Part 3)


17 years later…

Natasha and Kabir were now 24 years old. they have finished their college and now waiting for a job. their parents were very rich but they are searching job for their own happiness.

AP : Kabir! wake up.!

the alarm clock ring. Kabir then only gets up. he cannot open his eyes because of the sun rise. he then gets up from the bed. he takes his towel and gets into for a shower.

after shower he puts his suit. he comes downstairs. AP and DP are in puja. Kabir comes there.

Kabir : good morning.

AP and DP looks at them to silent. Kabir makes himself silence. he starts praying to lord Durga. when he is praying he gets some images of his past life. in the imagination are Ragini and Laksh were shown grabbing their hands in negative. he gets headache.

he didn’t cannot open his. he tries but in failure. AP comes and puts the vibhuthi in his head. he then jerked open his eyes and looks.

he didn’t speak to anyone goes outside.

on the other side, Natasha is shown in temple. she is praying to god. her friends also there waiting for her. Natasha opens her eyes and takes the lord blessing. Natasha starts round the temple.

poonam : Natasha, stop it. it’s not 1970.
Natasha : I know. I have faith on god. you would not like it. then why you came? just go.

poonam didn’t speak. the other friends laughed on her. Poonam makes a face and stands.

There Kabir comes to temple. he stands outside of the temple, waiting for his friends. suddenly, Kabir feels something. he unknowingly goes to the temple. air starts to swing up.

Poonam and others are looking on. Natasha takes her rounds. Kabir puts his foot on temple. Natasha feels the presence of the man for her. she unknowingly goes in search of the man without knowing him.

Poonam : now, why these breeze?
Kangna : I know! I know .
Poonam : what do you know?
Kangna : it’s the breeze came when a heroin and hero will going to meet. I had seen these scenes in movies.
Kripa : have lost your mind. it’s not cinema.

they all looks at Kangna. Kangna looks at them. they then goes into the temple.

Natasha looks at the statue of lord Durga. she goes to the lord..

Natasha : hail lord, what I’m feeling? I don’t know. please tell me the path for me.

she prays. Kabir stands behind her. she feels it. when she turns didn’t see anyone. Kabir walks from there. he comes to the temple and prays closing his eyes. poonam and others sees Natasha.

Poonam : Natasha! comes let’s go.

she said loudly as it distract Kabir from praying. Natasha comes. Kabir turns and about to look when a family cross by. Kabir didn’t take a look at Natasha. he then turns and prays. Natasha comes to her friends and they walks.

Priest : you girl !stop.

Natasha stop and looked. she comes to the priest. the priest gives her the puja thaal. Natasha thanked him. Kabir looks at her.

Kabir : Ragini!

Kabir unknowingly says the name. Natasha looks at him confused.

Natasha : Did you call me?

Kabir realized that she is speaking to him. Natasha waved her hand at him.

Natasha : did you call me?
Kabir : no. I just say Ragini. is your name Ragini.
Natasha : no. I’m Natasha.
Kabir : hello! I’m Kabir.
Natasha : nice to meet you. is we met before?
Kabir : I think no.
Natasha : okay .
Kangna : Natasha. come.
Natasha : wait a second. I have to go. so bye. anyway nice to meeting you.
Kabir : bye.

Natasha turned and goes. Kabir looks at her. the priest comes and calls him. he didn’t hear him. so the priest pour the vibhuthi in his face. he looks at him. the priest then puts vibhuthi in his head and goes.

Kabir washed his face and sit in the temple stairs. he thinks about Natasha.

Kabir’s POV-

I was in a hurry in my heart to speak to her. her voice was so good. that makes me feel. I feel like I know her very long. it’s just make me so special. I’m just mesmerized by her beauty.

POV Ends.

Kabir gets message from his friend and goes to see them.

on the other side, Ragini in her house wearing a shirt and shorts. she is lying on the bed. she is listening song of Tamil, Telugu, hindi songs that she loves the most.

when she is listening those songs. she came across of some of her past life. imagine is the dying scenes of her. she gets teary eyed . she stopped the song and reminisces those scenes. she thinks but didn’t get anything of that. she looks confused.

Precap : In the rain, Kabir holds Natasha.

So guys did you like it? I know it’s short. but I promise to you that I update long in the episode. bye. take care…

Credit to: Aakshita

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