Ishaqzaade Hai Hum (Part 2)


after 14 years….

Janki is in labour pain in hospital. the doctor came out of the operation Theatre. outside, Shekar is waiting impatiently. doctor comes to him.

shekar : how is my wife? is it okay?
doctor : sorry, it’s not sure we can save mother and child.
shekar : what do you mean?
doctor : we can only save one person.

shekar looks all broken. he didn’t think about this. the doctor calls the nurse and goes inside again. shekar goes outside of the hospital. there is a Durga statue. he puts his knees down android prayed. rain starts to pour.

when the doctor in work. the soul of Ragini comes to Janki. Janki sees the soul. she is in severe pain. Ragini’s soul gets into Janki womb. Janki starts to scream in pain. the doctor do best. at last the baby is born. Janki goes in unconscious.

Shekar comes inside. the nurse come with the baby. shekar gets on his hand. shekar looks at the operation room. the nurse knows what he is looking for.

nurse : don’t worry, sir. your wife is absolutely fine.
shekar : thank you, nurse. can I see her?
nurse : wait for a while, after we shift her to normal ward. you can see.
shekar : thanks, nurse.

In normal ward>

Janki opens her eyes. beside her, the baby and shekar is looking at her. Janki touches the baby and starts to shower her love.

Janki : how cute our child is?
shekar : ofcourse she will beautiful. because she is our daughter.

Janki smiles. shekar kissed the baby.

on the opposite bed, Annapurna is shown with her baby. the baby is boy. she and her husband Durga Prasad were shower their love.

2 days later, Janki and shekar and their baby , Annapurna and Durga Prasad and their baby are gets their things to go to home. when Janki and Annapurna with their babies walks from there. when walking beside the babies grabs each other hands. they looks at the babies.

Janki : oops sorry.
Annapurna : it’s okay.

Janki takes back her baby’s hand. they goes and gets into their car. on the other side, Annapurna also goes to her home.

after getting home, Parvathi takes arthi to Janki and the newborn child. sujatha also takes arthi to Annapurna and the baby.

After 1 Month >

the maids are decorating shekar house.

maid1 : hey, don’t put that photo there. put that here.
maid 2: okay.
maid 3: where is the dress for the child. it’s getting late.
maid 4: the dress is in the cupboard.
maid 3: sorry I forgot it.

the maid goes to cupboard and takes the purple. she then makes the baby wear it. Janki comes there and looks at her baby.

Janki : how cute, my princess.

Janki takes the baby and showers her love. she kissed the baby. the baby smiles at her.

Janki : today is your naming ceremony. what name do you want?
shekar : Natasha.

Janki turns and looks at shekar and smiled. shekar kissed the baby forehead and Janki forehead.

the guests are start to comes. shekar comes down first and welcomed them. then Janki comes and puts the baby on cradle bed.

the naming ceremony starts in AP(annapurna) house. the priest chanting a mantra.

priest : say the name to the baby ear .
DP : Kabir.
AP : Kabir.
shekar : Natasha.
Janki : Natasha.

the two family is in highly happy.

7 years later >

the two family is shown going to temple. they goes to the same temple. Kabir and Natasha were playing in the temple. while their parents were in praying.

Natasha while playing falls down and gets hurt in her hand. Kabir sees her and takes her hand. he then takes her to the washer and washes the blood. the parents starts searching for their child.

Kabir and Natasha comes there. parents get relaxed and sorry each other family. Kabir and Natasha looks each other. in between them the god statue. they then go separate ways. but Kabir and Natasha not. they looks at each other.

Pracap : Kabir and Natasha introduction.

did you like it guys.? and anyway thanks for the comment on previous part. thank you so much for showering your love. keep supporting me. thank you again. see you again guys.. bye take care…

Credit to: Aakshita

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