Ishaqzaade Hai Hum (Part 1)


it’s a new ff about reincarnation of a lovers and the villain. will their love success? I hope you will like it guys. because of the concept…

Tejaswi @ Natasha / Ragini
Namish @ Kabir / Laksh
Rajat @ Arjun / Adishesha

And others…


“Birth is not a beginning; death is not an end. There is existence without limitation; there is continuity without a starting-point. Existence without limitation is Space. Continuity without a starting point is Time. There is birth, there is death, there is issuing forth, there is entering in.” _ in this story also have birth and death.

POV Ends..

In 1981, a fictional village named udhaywada is shown. the village is so much in silent. Ragini and Laksh were running from the village. behind them some goons were running. they want to run away from there.

goon 1: hey you stop. or not I will shoot you down to death.
goon 2 : don’t shoot them our boss want them alive.

they runs behind Laksh and Ragini. Ragini didn’t run away because of her breath. she stop and tries to catch breath. Laksh comes to her.

Laksh : you can, Ragini. we have to run away.
Ragini : I can’t.
Laksh : you can.

Laksh tries his best to convince Ragini. the goons reaches them. Laksh takes out his gun and starts to shoot the goons down. Laksh and the goons fights by shoot each other.

Ragini and Laksh starts to run again. they reached a jungle. they goes in.

Ragini : why we are here?
Laksh : because of your uncle.
Ragini : it’s my fault. because I loved you, now your live is in fire.
Laksh : why you saying like this? you are a brave girl. we have to fight back.
Ragini : yeah.

Laksh and Ragini takes out their guns. they walked slowly.

the goons sees them going to jungle. they calls their boss, Rajat.

goon 3 : boss, we had tried our best to catch them but it failed.
Rajat : you useless guys. how can you say this? you are 30 people can’t murder the 2 people? I’ll come there in 15 minutes.
goon 3: okay.

the goons starts to go into the jungle in search of Laksh and Ragini. after few minutes, Rajat comes there.
he takes his gun and get into the jungle.

the goons sees Laksh and Ragini. they start to shoot. they also starts to shoot. in the process, unknown to them they get separated. the bullets are finished so they gets into bushes and hide. Rajat joins the goons and they searched. laksh and Ragini realize they are separated.

Ragini wants to get back to Laksh so she is about to stand. there Rajat comes with his goons. Ragini hide in the bushes again. Rajat looks around and goes from there. Ragini walks from there silently. she comes where they before.

Ragini : Laksh! Laksh!

Laksh hears it and follow the voice. Rajat and the goons also hears the sound and follows. Ragini stands there. someone puts hand on her shoulder. in a fit of scare, she jerked away and puts the gun on his head.

Laksh : Ragini!
Ragini : Laksh!

they hugged each other. Ragini cried while Laksh conceled her to not cry. they hear bullets sound. they broke the hug and start running. Rajat and goons were chasing them. at in the process, Rajat shoots Laksh on his back. Laksh falls down. when Rajat reaches at the place there is no one.

Rajat : shit!

Ragini helps Laksh and runs from there. Ragini hears Rajat’s scream. Laksh winced in pain.

Laksh : aaah! I can’t run Ragini.

Laksh falls down. Ragini catches him and cries.

Laksh : I can’t live a long. get yourself safe.
Ragini : I won’t go. I will be with you forever Laksh.
Laksh : are you mad. I won’t let you go. you have to save yourself because for our child.

Ragini cries. Laksh puts his hand on her womb.

Laksh : my son. the time you are in this world I’m not there to see you. you have to save your mom.

Ragini cries. Ragini comes to Laksh and kissed his cheek.

Ragini : Laksh!
Laksh : ragi…

Laksh’s hand falls down. Ragini stops crying and looks shocked.

Ragini : Laksh!

Ragini shakes Laksh’s corpse. Laksh is dead. in a fit of rage, Ragini takes her gun and walks from there. she comes infront of Rajat. Rajat sees her.

Rajat : arreh! why you came here now. why? you want to take revenge for your lover?

Ragini didn’t speak and grabs the gun to Rajat’s chest. Rajat also takes the gun towards her. Ragini pulled the trigger and the bullets hits him on his chest. Rajat also shoots her in abdomen.

Ragini : hehh!

Ragini falls down. Rajat also falls down. after a while, Ragini died there. before dying, Ragini says that we will come back for you. Rajat winced in pain.

Rajat : hey! bury their corpse. and says to the village that they are run away. before that, they shoots me and killed me. I won’t live. I want to die with good name.
goon 2 : okay sir.

rains starts to pour down. the goons put Laksh and Ragini into the mud and buries them there. Rajat also dead. the goes from there with Rajat corpse.

after they goes, a two lights lit up from the buried place. then the two light goes separated ways.

I hope you will like. bye, see you again.

Credit to: Aakshita

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