Ishana -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 46)

Part 48

Om room ( midnight 1:00)

Om was feeling thrusting so he wake up for water …..He had glass of water …… Thn he was about sleep ….Om phone fell down ….He bent to pick it up and he ….. Switch it on as he had some. Important work ….So he thought to put a arlam ……..When he switched on …He again saw that message ( pending list )…..So he play ………And .

Next morning .
Ishana wake up ……And find herself in room …Ishana when I came here I was with om thn what happened ….Lagata hai so gyi thi …..?.

And thn ishana looks for om but he was no where around ….She checked the washroom too but he was also not their …….Ishana first fresh up and thn want for break fast ……..In all hall also she was not able to see om .

Anika – good morning Ishana .
Rudra – g.m bhabhi .
Ishana – with a smile g.M
Rudra noticed that ishana was looking for om .

Rudra – bhabhi om bro is not at home he left one hour ago for exhibition.
Anika – ya he told me that u r sleeping that’s y he told me to tell u that he will be busy today .
Ishana – k .
After breakfast

Ishana decided to call om .
Ringing ringing ????

The number u r trying to reach is currently switch off try after some time.

Ishana – y om phone is switched of .
He never dose like dis he always let me know …..Is he k.

Ishana was fully tressed.

Rudra entered …….Aree Kya hua partner y r u do lost and tressed?

Anything can I do to cheer up my beautiful bhabhi?

Ishana – slightly smiled at his innocence.

Ishana – rudra do u know om exhibition is .?

Rudra – hmmm not really ……
Ishana get sad .

Rudra – shivaay bhi must know I will ask him wait .
Rudra get the address and texted it to ishana .

Ishana – thanks rudra .
Aree we r partner Remember.
Ishana – k I am going to meet om .
Rudra aree but bhabhi u can’t ur wounds r not cure u can’t go it’s really hot today ..
Ishana – aree rudra I will go by car na …So it will be not a problem.
Rudra – k thn I will also come …As om is not here I am the one to look after u ……..As om does when shivaay bhi not with Anika .

Ishana – k fine let’s go thn.

Rudra -tell driver to bring limo car as it’s the best for Ishana .
Ishana -rudra r u mad y we need a limo !!! We’ve just going to meet om …..Not for a celebrity party.
Rudra – if u want to meet om u have to listen me other wise I not taking u and not letting u to go .

Ishana – k as she wants to know that y om is not picking her…..Let’s go.

They reached

To be continued.

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    Awesome episode

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    What will be the reason ..???

    1. Ishana went to office and lied to om that she was at home all day

  3. I think he saw the video and is angry

  4. Awesome update…

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    I eagerly want to know wat was in nxt episode asap….

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