Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 41)

Part 41

Morning ….Hall area.

Anika was discussing something ……And SUDDENLY Anika notice her antics fighting again and om was come towards her .

Anika – om Kya hua????And thing serious ( Anika make a innocent puppy face while asking as she know what must be happed).

Om.- I need ur help dis …..rudra kaam tha na ab ishana bhi ….. Irritated kar Rahi hai….Plz save me.

Ishana – how mean I irritate u ….?
Rudra- o u r so bad meri bhabhi ka mood kharab KAR DIYA .

Anika – aree hua Kya ???Any one plz tell me.

Om explained the whole story .

Anika – hhmmmmm
Om – Anika bhabhi u only say ….. Whose fault….. Rudra na!!!

Anika vase rudra u should knock the door as ur o is no more single .

But om dis time I am with Ishana …She is right u should lock the door .

Ab rudra kya kara agar door open ho to .

Now Anika was standing in left side of rudra and ishana in right and rudra hands was on there shoulder.( And rudra was in cloud 9).

Ishana – see I was right Mr zso……??

Anika – u all brother r so careless always left the door open while romancing.

Shivaay who was standing …Was hell shock to see all the drama kings and queens ……..( Kya family Mili hai).

Ridhima come there ….Hello guys good morning.

Everyone give a smile to ridhima .

Ridhima-ishana how r u ……??

Ishana – better … Thanks?

Ishana phone rings …..????

Ishana hello
Other side hello mam rohan here .

Ishana – ya rohan tell me what happened .

Rohan – mam AJ ek meeting hai … James ka sath vo London se Abhi aya ….And he wants to meet u right now .

Ishana – oh ya I forgot that k I will be there in half hour .

Call cuts and she turn .

And om was standing there folding her hands and giving a impossible look to ishana .

Ishana om u ….Tum kab aya.??

Om – jab meri beautiful stupid wife meeting ki bat kar Rahi this.

Ishana – om vo …. Meeting important hai I have to go.

Om – no ishana u will not k.

Ishana – but om it’s important .
Om – oh really … Important thn me ?
Ishana – no om what r u saying ….u r my life …..My love.
Om – thn plz ishu …..Take rest u r not well …I know u can walk but it’s hot outside……It will hurt u….Or doctor na manager kiya hai …..So take rest k.

Ishana – k om ….I will tell rohan .

Om – that’s like my girl …Om kissed her forehead.

And left .

Ishana – ( on her mind) sorry om but I have to go ….It’s my dad dream project ……And dis deal is important …For metha company ….I am sorry .

She left to get ready …And om left for art gallery.

After 15 min Ishana was about left the house ….When rudra notice her going .

Rudra – bhabhi…..Ishana bhabhi.

Ishana stopped and turned .

Ishana- ya rudra bolo ?
Rudra – where r u going ?? It’s hot today and ….. Doctor told u to not go out .

Ishana – rudra I am not going any where vo just garden Mei hu k…. Don’t worry .

Rudra- accha thn ….Yvr u carrying dis file and bag??

Ishana – oh dis I thought that I will sit in garden and read dis files …Bag Mei or bhi files hai.

Rudra – ohk?

Chalo phir bye bhabhi AJ meri ek date hai saumya ka sath ….I have to pick her .?

Bye .
Ishana bye all the best and don’t irritate her?

To be continued.

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  1. MahiraKhan

    Super episode…. ab kya hoga??? Om ko pata chalega toh???

    1. Ruhirachel

      Kya pata ……For that u have to read my FF…..??

  2. Nice epi

  3. Kavya347

    Amazing!!!! So both the bhabhis are with Rudy??
    And ishu went to the meeting… oops…what will happen next???? Really excited!!!!

  4. RainRose6263

    So good plz update soon x

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