Ishana -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 40)

Part 40.

Oberoi mansion .

#Om ka room.

Om – Ishana r u k …Plz tell me the truth.
Ishana – hmm om ….I am k …..See I can sit ( Ishana tried to sit but shout in pain)….. Aaaaaaa ?

Om ?- what r u doing …….Plz don’t act like jhansi ki rani …….K I know it is paining…..Wait .( Om bring the ointment and one tablet which is prescribed by doctor).

Ishana – om what r u doing .

Om – Chalo have dis ….
Ishana – tablet ?no om I will not eat dis.
Om – Ishana u don’t have to eat …..U have to sallow it so come on.

Ishana -no om .

Om – so Mrs great Ishana is scared of medicine ?( teasing ).

Ishana – scared who scared…..I am not scared of any thing OK .
Om – really thn prove it .
Ishana – ( making weird faces ) ya ….Give ……Ishana took her medicine.

Om – now ointment …..Give ur hand first .
Ishana – aree om ….I can do it myself .
Om – shut up ….And he start applying the ointment ……And now om ask Ishana to lift her t- shirt up so that he can apply ointment ……( As u all remember her stomach area is also burned ).
Ishana – what!!!! T- shirt……Om u give it to me I will do it. ( And she was hesitaning little with a blush on her face ) .

Om noticed that .

Om to ishana .
Om – Ishana I am ur husband ….And why r u blushing like a newly married bride…..I think u forgot ( while saying dis…om come near Ishana face and in other side he started applying the ointment too)…..
Ishana -what I forget ?
Om – that if yesterday night ridhima didn’t called thn…..Thn ( om was now so close the both their nose r touch ) ….Thn ….It’s done( om applied the ointment ).

ISHANA – done ??
Om – ya om signal Ishana towards her stomach àrea.

Ishana – noticed that ointment was applied and she didn’t felt any pain.

Om – smiled at her face ……She was totally …… Ambarced as she was thinking about her first night with om…..Which was spoiled by ridhima.

Om – Chalo so jao ….And om turned .

Ishana- om where r u going plz stay with me .
Om – I am here only just going to keep dis in table .

Ishana – k.

Om -?

Morning ?

Om – wake up but om eye where close and he start searching for Ishana with his hand but ishana was not their ……Om waked up and saw her beautiful wife getting ready …….And thn he noticed that she was struggling with her Dori ….Of back neck as her hand r burned.

Om – walk towards her beautiful wife …..And touched her back to tie the Dori .Ishana felt her touch and look towards the mirror ….. Now both r romancing through mirror looking each other and talking through eyes .

Suddenly rudra entered .

Bhabhi ….
Om and ishana get appart .
Om – rudra can’t u knock the door .
Rudra vo Mei to bhabhi ….Ko.
Om – Kya bhabhi ko …..Tu na .
Ishana – excuse me Mr omkara y r u scolding my devar ……Kya ho gya ager aa gya to …….It’s ur fault ….U should lock the door if u want to romance.

Om – was totally shocked to see dis part of Ishana ( as she was boldling talking about romance).

Ishana – Kya hua ….Chalo say sorry .
Rudra – was so happy that now om can’t scold him….Rudra make face while looking om .??????

Om -?rudra tu ruk .

Ishana – Kya ruk …Sorry bolo .

Om but ishana it’s not my fault .
Om – Ishana plz u move a side AJ to ya gya .

Rudra trun to run .

But ishana shout Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa om .
Om – what happened Ishana .????

Ishana – ( smrik and signal rudra to run)
Om – noticed that …..Oh so it’s ur plan.

Wait if u both r in one team ….I have also my partner .Om left
Ishana also follow her .

And rudra follow Ishana .

To be continued..

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  1. Kavya347

    Superb!!!!!!??…wow…how can one episode be soooo sooo soooooo awesome, sweet, cute and romantic at the same time…you are really amazing…
    Om taking care of ishu ( in a really really romantic way???) …so sweet and then the dori-vala moment..??. that was really nice. And i think that the best part was Rudy interrupting thwir moment..haha..and Ishana advising Om to close the door first (.without blushing or anything.. hahaha.?.bechara Om..?) and scolding him and defending her cute devar…that was really an adorable scene… ?Really Great!!!! And Rudy-Ishu really make a cutie bhabhi-devar jodi…and i guess Om’s partner is his Anika bhabhi..
    Loved the episode beyond the limits and really excited to see what happens next…love u lots..?

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thank u so much ……Dear ??

    2. Ruhirachel

      41 episode is uploaded do read

  2. Sweet and lovely update…… Waiting for the next update..

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks dear??

  3. Awesome

  4. MahiraKhan

    Awesome epi… soo cute …

    I am gonna read 41 now

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks dear

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