Ishana -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 39)

Part 39 .

Oberoi mansion .

Dinning table .

All r having dinner happily .
Ishana was having sweet corn soup .
Suddenly the hot soup fell on her ..
Ishana jumped out from there as the soup was so hot she burned her stomach and hands .

Ishana – Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….Om Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Om – Ishana .
Ishana – om it’s hurting a lot plz do something ( Ishana eye was full of tear)
Om – looked around and carry Ishana in his arm and Rush towards the pool…..( As om and other room are little away from dinner area thn pool) .

Om while carrying Ishana get inside the pool ……So that the burning sensation will reduce …..And it worked Ishana was feeling better ……But her face was reflecting that she is in so much pain.
Om was not able see her in dis condition.

Shivaay called the doctor .

Doctor took 15min to arrive……Till that om was with Ishana in pool .

Om take Ishana to room …..And doctor checked her ……After some time doctor came out .

Om – doctor how she is ?
Doctor- it was minor burn on the hands …..But stomach àrea is badly burned….And gave Ishana sleeping pills so that she will not feel the pain …..But plz remember …..She should be away from fire and any hot things till the wound get cure …..And plz keep her in some cool place …If possible thn …….. Switch on the ac .

Rudra – but doctor it’s Feb ….And it’s cold outside .

Doctor – ya but burning sensation will not irritated her ….If u keep ac on…..Here some medicine ….Give her …..And Don’t worry she will be fine …..Just few days .

Om – thank u doctor.

Doctor left.

Shivaay – om ur ac is working ??
Om – ya shivaay .
Shivaay – good.
Anika was lost ..

Shivaay noticed that .
Shivaay – Anika Kya hua ???? Where r u lost.
Anika – shivaay I was thinking that how soup fell on Ishana …. As I remember she was having soup properly….Thn who.

Guest room .

Ridhima-(laughing evily ) it’s a start Ishana now u see what I will do with u .

Om – entered .
Ishana – was sleeping …..But still the burners r irritating her .

Om quickly switch on the ac .

Om – Ishana don’t worry u will be fine …..I am here with u.

Rudra yes o bhabhi will be alright ?….O from the first night when bhabhi entered oberoi mansion she is going through difficult…. Specially her health ……Today morning her hand get hurt and now dis ..

Om – ya u r right ….. Something is vairred .

Rudra – hmmm.

Shivaay and Anki entered .

So u both r also thing the same .
Om and rudra turned towards shivaay and Anika .

Rudra – how we will know what u both r thinking .
Shivaay – rudra me and Anika was also thinking the same ….The accident which r happened with Ishana .

Om – guyzzz may be dis is coincidence.
Anika – may be om.

Ishana aree I am k stop worrying.

All turned towards ishana .
Om – Ishana r u k ?? Is it hurting?
Shivaay – ya ishana r u k?
Rudra – ya bhabhi r u k …….It must be paining ?

Anika was quite as she was observing Ishana .

Ishana -( with teard eyes) aree I am k …. Nothing happened ……And u all r with me Na thn no one nothing can hurt me ?.

Rudra – that’s like my bhabhi .

Ishana – ya and other thn that I am a business women and Mrs omkara oberoi ………And dis women don’t feel pain.

Shivaay – that’s like a good powerfull mind business Ishana oberoi.

Anika – aree stop …Plz shivaay don’t start ur Tari bazii here .

Anika Chalo let Ishana rest it’s late we all should sleep.

All left .

To be continued.

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  1. Nice one dear…. Waiting for the next update.

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    Nice episode. Awaiting the next one eagerly!

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  6. Kavya347

    Wonderful!!!!!it’s so great…at first i was like omg!!!!!Ishu had an burning accident ?? but then Her dear husband Omi darling taking care of her….awww….??so sweet. And i think really, Ishkara in the pool is more romantic than shivika as it was a n action represnting the care and concern…o loved the way u described it.???…and Riddhima..oh hod…she is never gonna leave doing her evil jobs?…but i sure Omish will face them together on every step… Loved it A LOT…and eagerly eagerly waiting for the next,??

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      Thanks a lot dear ….ur comments r like booster ??

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